Is Huawei the chosen one for Nexus 8?

By | March 5, 2015

The Nexus 8 is going to be the next smartphone Google is most likely to launch this year, around Fall. Nexux X seems like a more appropriate name for the upcoming flagship, as nobody knows what the next Google flagship will be called. It is expected to be called Nexus 8. As a matter of fact, nobody knows too much about what the Mountain View Company is planning for future.


There are rumors that Google could turn to Huawei for an upcoming Nexus device or so says Kevin Yang, director of China research at iSuppli. According to Yang, Google has already signed the deal with Huawei to collaborate on the next version of the pure Android smartphone. Huawei is the leading smartphone manufacturer in China and is quickly becoming a favorite around the world.

The rumors, if true, would be a first for Google, as it has yet to employ a Chinese manufacturer for the Nexus family (Samsung, HTC and LG have made previous Nexus models.) The scenario could bring a chipchange into the mix, claims reports replacing the Qualcomm Snapdragon processors used in past Google Nexus devices. Another report, however, states, that if Huawei were the chosen manufacturer, a Qualcomm chip would likely be part of the build.

Another report suggests, it maybe Lenovo or even Xiaomi which also claims there will be at least two new Google devices arriving by year’s end.

In a recent interview from Mobile World Congress 2015, Huawei CEO Richard Yu hinted that his company was hoping to use Google to expand its presence in the US market. Certainly, merging high-end hardware with the latest Android OS into the next Nexus could help the company accomplish that.

There are a few things to be excited about here: Google working with Huawei on its flagship handset which should rock Android 6.0, Huawei getting a very big stage to showcase its manufacturing talents to the world alongside LG, and the fact that we might receive not one but two Nexus handsets. Google could very well finally step up its game, showing the competition how to do the best Android smartphone, it just needs the right mojo to make it happen.

Will Google and Huawei make the Nexus 8? Only time will tell. We are waiting for Google and Huawei to release information about this supposed partnership.