iPhone X becomes world’s best selling smartphone for Q1 2018

By | May 4, 2018

Apple’s iPhone X is undoubtedly the best smartphone in the world. Inspite of being world’s most expensive smartphone, people have welcomed the device wholeheartedly which is the reason why the iPhone X becomes world’s best selling smartphone for Q1 2018, according to new report. 

Apple released three new iPhones last year, iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in the technology market. The 2018 has been good for all the tech enthusiasts as we have seen plenty of new smartphones by various giants in this year. However, this didn’t stop Apple to achieve the top position. All three new iPhones are world’s best selling phones and tops the charts.

According to Strategy Analysis, Apple has shipped over 16 Million units of the expensive iPhone X. While the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus too have scored great with impressive number of units with 12.5 and 8.3 million respectively.

Interestingly, Apple’s previous generation, the iPhone 7 took fourth place on the chart with 5.6 Million units.

As per IDC’s report, global smartphone shipments reached a total of 334.3 million units in the first quarter of this current year. This was all about the Apple’s iPhones, all the latest four iPhones are placed on the top as Apple has shipped the most number of smartphones in the first quarter.

If we talk about the Android platform, Samsung Galaxy S9 and Xiaomi Redmi 5A smartphones are on the top selling Android smartphones. Almost all the Android smartphones in the list are shipping in the global market which means they are available in all the markets worldwide.

Xiaomi’s Redmi 5A shipped 5.4 Million units worldwide i.e. 2% of the total number for the first quarter of this year. On the other hand, the South Korean giant, Samsung has shipped total 5.3 Million units of Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung’s most advanced, expensive and premium smartphone. Samsung Galaxy S9 is on the sixth position of world’s best selling smartphone which too has covered 2% of market share.

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 phones are the most advanced smartphones and they are doing great in the global market. We hope to see the Samsung Galaxy S9 as the most selling Android smartphone in the Second Quarter.

In the coming months, Apple’s iPhone X selling would come down as people would be having many more choices available. Samsung’s Galaxy S9 phones too carry a bunch of advanced features which are giving tough competition to Apple’s all innovative features. For the very same reason, users are now eyeing on Samsung’s premium range smartphones. According to Strategy Analysis, Samsung’s Galaxy S9 sells would grow up and the phone could achieve the first position in the next quarter.