iPhone X becomes bestseller smartphone in the UK, Japan and China


Apple’s latest flagship smartphone, the iPhone X is undoubtedly the best Smartphone in the world. The company introduced this phone along with two more variants, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Today, not so surprising report came in. According to a research company, Kantar, iPhone X is the bestseller smartphone in the UK, Japan and China, leaving behind all the other smartphones. 

Kantar Worldpanel released the report for the period September-November for the last year on smartphones market. They have released a report saying the iPhone X is undoubtedly the most dominant smartphone in the world with the tag of bestselling smartphones in many regions around the world including the United Kingdom, Japan and China.

Further, the data also revealed that despite of launching alongside two more variants, the iPhone X has done the best in the market as it is winning the hearts of the users from around the world with its amazing performance and best of advanced technical features inside.

Since the iPhone X carry a huge price tag, it is still struggling to compete in various markets as there are many Android smartphones which are still on the top of the list of the best selling smartphones as they carry relatively low price tag compare to the new iPhone X. The the phone struggles a lot to gain users in various markets and the reason is pretty simple, its price tag.

The same device has been on the list of top selling smartphone for last few months in markets like Japan. People are loving how the new iPhone X carry all the advanced features with amazing performance. The phone is indeed a great and the most advanced machines one can ever use within the hands.

Apart from the gain in various market shares, the most surprising thing is the phone is also become the bestseller in Chinese market as well. If we talk about the United States and the United Kingdom or the Great Britain, users are simply upgrading their older iPhones to the newer edition. They have been using the iPhone only from a long time. What make us all surprise is the Chinese consumers have turned up to iPhone X. The Chinese consumers have switched to Apple even if there are popular home giants available in the market such as Xiaomi, Huawei and Samsung.

So folks, this is what you might want to know about the new iPhone X which is conquering the tech markets of the world.

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