iPhone users will be able to disable CPU with the future iOS update


Being world’s most popular smartphone lineup, Apple has said that the users of iPhones will be able to keep an eye on their phone’s battery life. They will be able to optimise the battery of the phones with the future update. Apple has recently confirmed that they are slowing down the older iPhones as the older batteries don’t work well with the new software. Today, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook has said that, in future, the iOS users will be able to disable CPU on the devices to turn off the battery of the devices. 

In a recent interview, the CEO was asked regarding this issue and for that reason, the giant has decided to fix this issue with a new iOS update. The CEO has also said that, they will first test out this issue with beta release of the update and soon they will release the final, stable iOS update for the devices.

According to CEO, Time Cook, iOS 11 users will be able to shut down the CPU of the device with the next update which will hit the devices from the coming March month. Yes, you have to wait for a new update until March month as the company has just started developing the new iOS update to tackle down this particular issue.

Further, he added, “We’re going to give people the visibility of the health of their battery so it’s very, very transparent.”

The new iOS update will definitely slowdown the CPU performance on the device, but it will cause some unexpected shutdowns issue of the devices if you make use of this feature on the device. To fix this issue, there is no proper solution available with them.

Tim has clearly defended the decision of slowing down the older iOS devices as their main focus on the user experience of the iPhones. Older iPhones use older battery which is the reason why these iPhones not capable enough to load the high consumptions by the new applications. Apple products are popular just because of their unbeatable performance with new Chipsets, however new Chipsets require more battery and the apps will consume more energy from the device.

After confirming the issue of slowing down the older iPhones, many of the iPhone users started expecting to get a free battery for their iPhones. However, Apple has kept the battery prices low and not for free. This will certainly help those who actually want to replace their Phone’s battery and not for those who are just taking the advantages from the company.

Apple will not recommend to use this Disable CPU feature with the next iOS update as it will cause many unexpected issues on the phone’s overall performance. By enabling this feature, the users will not be able to use the device in emergency.

According to sources, the developer beta of the new iOS update will be released in the next month i.e. in the February month and the final stable update will release in the March month.

This battery throttling technique was activated one a number of new generation iPhones. The technique was available for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone SE with the iOS 11.2 update. This technique reduce the overall performance of the phone by upto 50% which is not acceptable.

In order to fix the slowdown issue, Apple has clearly suggested to replace the battery of the device by paying $29 additionally in this year 2018. By changing the battery of the iPhone with the newer one, the phone will start working as the new phone without slowing down the actual performance.

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