iPhone users are totally safe than Android from mobile malware


For years Macs have had the reputation of being less vulnerable to malware than PCs. According to a new report, that also holds true when it comes to iPhones.

Scrutinize by Finnish security firm F-Secure looked at reports of mobile malware detected in the first quarter of 2014. Of the 277 new mobile threats detected, they found that 275 were pointed at the infection ridden Android platform — while stand out focused on iPhones. (Other was for Nokia’s outdated Symbian software.)


For those keeping score at home, this implies that 99% of mobiles threats are pointed at Android. That number’s expanding, as well. In the same three month period in 2013, only 91% of new mobile malware was pointed at Google’s mobile platform.

iPhone, as far as concerns them, profit from Apple’s stricter efforts to establish safety. The single instance of iOS malware recognized by F-Secure was intended to target jailbroken iPhones — which means that the larger part of iPhone users are 100% protected from mobile malware.

Comment below what you are feeling after reading this latest report on two different giant software iOS and Android. I guess iPhone users are feeling great of being secure than Android one. I have a suggestion for Android users who are planning to buy a new smartphone, go for iPhone if you want extra security features.