iPhone & Android Virus Removal Guide (2018)

By | August 8, 2018

Innovations in technology have changed the way we live. We all have been covered by different types of technology gadgets which have become an integral part of our lives. Yes, we are talking about the smartphones. We all use new generation smartphones with plenty of innovative and useful features inside. It is essential for us to take care of our personal data stored in various apps on a smartphone. We don’t become aware of viruses on our smartphones which are very dangerous. To get rid of such viruses and to secure your smartphone, we have prepared a complete iPhone & Android Virus Removal Guide for you. 

Most people don’t know if there is a virus in their phone. Mobile malware is on the rise as we explore different types of websites, applications, games, etc. Malware spread through unwanted clicks on the links. Most applications now have advertisements, and we use to click on to those links and ads accidentally. This is the primary path for a virus to enter in your smartphone. Well, if you are wide awake and found your phone starts misbehaving, you should immediately look for ways to remove the virus and malware from your smartphones. 

To keep your smartphones secured from such a dangerous virus and malware, we have prepared mobile virus removal guide for your smartphones. We also have listed down a few useful Virus removal applications which you can use to scan your devices to remove a virus from iPhone and Android. Let’s get on to the guidelines right now! 

Most smartphone users have one question in common, “How to check your phone for viruses?” Before jumping on to the ways to remove a virus from your Android or any other smartphone, you must know the symptoms of it first. To give you the right information about the malicious files and malware on your Android or iOS device, you should check for the symptoms of them first. Let’s check out the primary symptoms on your phone with a virus and other harmful files and applications. 

Virus Symptoms in iPhone 

Crashing Apps: If you find your regular apps and games started crashing in the mid-way, this shows that your phone is affected with some malicious files, i.e., virus. When you notice something strange with the existing apps, this is the first symptom of your virus in your phone. 

Data usage: Virus run plenty of files in the background which use your data. When you notice your device unnecessarily uses your data, you should check for the available viruses inside your phone. 

Pop-ups on display: Most viruses enter to your phone through advertisements and the links which are associated with them. We usually see pop-ups on the websites and applications. However, if you see kind of the same pop-ups on your phone’s screen, you should start worrying about it. 

Mysterious billing: When you check your monthly bill and find out unexplained charges inside, it is just because of the crashing of your apps and links. 

Unwanted Apps: Apps which contain viruses and malicious files exactly look like the other applications. If you install such applications to your iPhone which are entirely unsolicited, they bring viruses to your iPhone. Check for such unwanted apps before trying out anything else. 

High battery consumption: When you notice your iPhone’s battery gets drained quickly and uses more energy, this could be the reason behind the virus and infected files on your device. 

Virus Symptoms in iPhone 

Just like the iPhone, Android device also shows off some of the virus symptoms if your device gets affected by one. Whenever your Android device hits with malware or any malicious file or app, the overall behavior of your device will start changing, and you will notice all the changes of your device. 

Sudden Pop-ups: If you see unwanted pop-ups and advertisements out of nowhere on the display of your phone, it is a sign that your device has been infected with a virus. Pop-up ads feature links to different websites which are not suitable for your device. 

Increased data usage: When a virus infects your Android device, it will start using the data of your phone. This type of viruses run plenty of programs in the background which consumes your phone’s data. When you see your phone’s data is reducing rapidly, it means, you need to check for the malicious files. 

To check for the data usage of your Android smartphone, you can go to the Settings option and can select the Data option. From the presented graph, you could see the data usages of your phone. 

Fast battery draining: As mentioned above, viruses run different types of programs in the background which use your phone’s data and battery as well. When you notice your device is consuming more battery than usual, you need to check for the viruses inside your phone. 

Unknown Phone Calls and Messages: Mobile viruses are of different types so one cannot figure out what causes the issues. When you start receiving unexpected phone calls and messages from unknown numbers, it’s time you should check for the viruses and other malicious files on your device. 

Poor Performance: If your phone suddenly becomes saggy and slow, chances are it is infected with malware and adware. Your device also may get heated up sometimes without any reasons.

The phone connects with Internet automatically: When you turn off the data connectivity option or Wi-Fi on your Android device and notice that it is still connected with the Internet and uses different resources, chances are there are some viruses present on your device. 

Chapter 1: Remove Virus from iPhone

If you have found that a virus infects your phone, then you should immediately follow some steps with which you can remove the malicious files from your iPhone or iPad. If you are unaware about the process to remove viruses from your device quickly, then here we have listed down a few things which can effectively remove or stops viruses from spreading to your phone’s other apps, system, and processor. 

A) Restart your iPhone: Rebooting your device helps your device to behave normally. If you found your phone is misbehaving, you should immediately restart it. It will stop the viruses from spreading, and that’s how you can save your phone. 

B) Clear your Phone’s History: Clearing your browser’s history can remove malicious files and other links from your viruses. If you don’t know about removing your browser’s history, follow the below-given path from your device. 

Go to: Settings>> Safari>> Clear History and Website Data>> Tap Clear 

This will remove all the links and URLs that you have explored using your iPhone’s Safari browser.   

C) Restore data to your iPhone and iPad: It is essential for you to keep the automatic backup option enabled on your iPhone. This will take proper backup of all the data, apps and other necessary files which are stored on your device. Make sure you restore your phone’s data from initial backup. 

Go to: Backup>> Settings>> iCloud>> turn on Backup 

Seek help from Apple’s official Store. Ask them about the issues that you are having with your iPhone recently. They may help you out with it. 

D) Reset your iPhone: If you find the above solutions don’t work for you, the last thing which you can do is erase all the data from your iPhone or iPad and Restart it. You have to set up things correctly after deleting your phone’s data. Of course, you can restore the data back to your phone from the auto backup option as mentioned above. For removing your Phone’s data, follow the below-given path. 

Go to: Settings>> General>> Reset>> Erase All contents and Settings. 

Your phone will reset, and it acts like a new one. You have to insert your iCloud details and other useful applications back. 

Chapter 2: Remove Virus from Android

If you believe your Android-powered Smartphone or Tablet has a virus, then you can quickly remove it from your device by following the below-given ways. We have compiled a list of all the possible ways to get rid of malicious files and viruses from your Android device. 

A) Remove Virus from Android with Android Safe Mode

Every Android Smartphone and Tablet has a Safe Mode. You can get rid of viruses and malicious files by switching your device into Safe Mode. This will stop all the applications and viruses that you have downloaded from the Internet or the Play Store. Once your device is turned on with Safe Mode, only the apps which come as default apps will be there to use. 

How to Restart Android Phone into Safe Mode? 

Step 1: 

Press and Hold your Power button for up to 5 seconds. This will let you access the Power options. 

Step 2: 

Once you see the Power options, then tap and hold the Power button for three more seconds.

Step 3: 

This will bring the Safe Mode option to your display. Select the option, and your device will turn on into Safe Mode. 

Once your device turned on into Safe Mode, go to the Settings menu and select the Applications folder. From here, you could see the unwanted apps and viruses which are available on your Android device. You can pick these files and delete or uninstall them easily. 

B) Make use of Antivirus

Being an Open Source Platform, Android’s Play Store has hundreds of Antivirus applications which you can use to remove the viruses and other malicious files. There are plenty of useful Virus Removal apps available on the Android platform which you can use. The advanced virus removal tools work automatically and find out all the infected files, viruses and applications which are harmful to your Android device. We will give you a list of such tools later in the post. 

C) Use Factory Reset Mode

Android device has a Factory Reset Mode which reset your Android device and removes all the files and applications from your device. This is the most effective way to get rid of all the virus applications and other malicious files. 

Make sure that resetting your phone removes all of your contacts, accounts, photos, messages, music, videos and everything. You have to take proper backup of all the critical data stored your phone before Resetting your device. 

How to Factory Reset your Android Phone? 

Step 1: 

Before starting this process, make sure your device is fully charged so the process cannot be interrupted. 

Step 2: 

Now, go to Apps menu and select the Settings menu from there. 

Step 3: 

Select Backup & Reset option, check Backup my data and Automatic Restore. You could see Factory data reset option and then tap on to Reset phone. 

Step 4: 

At last, you would see the final warning about erasing your data. Just select Erase everything option when asked. 

That’s all you have to do to Factory Reset your Android device. The process will take a couple of minutes. Soon, it will reboot, and you can see the installation process of the firmware.

By following all of the above methods one by one, you can remove Virus from Android phone and tablet. 

Chapter 3: Few Tips to not to get infected again / How not to get infected again

Prevention is better than cure, we all know this. It is always better for you to keep in mind a few things so that the viruses and other infectious files can’t enter into your device. Here, we have listed down a few tips that prevent your phone from getting infected again with viruses. 

A) Avoid Downloading Unwanted Apps 

Unwanted Applications carry plenty of viruses and malicious files inside. You should not download apps and games from Untrusted Sources. 

B) Check Verify & Install option

If you download an app or game from unknown sources, make sure there is an option with Verify & Install. 

C) Avoid using Crack or Modified Apps

Plenty of developers design Modified apps for the existing apps with new features to explore. However, these types of Apps and Games come with malicious files which can spread viruses to your device. Make sure not to go with such cracked or modified apps. 

D) Check for the App Permissions 

When you are installing any applications, you would be asked to give your permissions. If the app asks to access your contacts, photos, videos, etc., terminate the installation process when an app asks for any such permissions from your device. 

E) Keep some storage space free on your device. You should keep at least 1GB of Free Space on your device. 

F) Use Anti-virus app 

Plenty of Antivirus applications are available for both, Android and iPhone. You can go to their respective app stores and can download an appropriate Antivirus app. This app scans all the files on your device and warns you with the infected files.

Chapter 4: Best Anti-Virus Applications in iPhone

  1. McAfee Mobile Security and Wi-Fi Scan

McAfee Mobile Security is an ultimate mobile protection solution for your iPhone and iPad. The tool is available for free, and you can protect your iPhone from entering malicious files and other unwanted viruses from the apps and web surfing. It is one of the most trusted and reliable viruses scanning app available in the market with total security of your phones and computers. 

With this tool, you can lock down your images and videos with a PIN. The tool is designed to keep your privacy private and mobile secured. The tool packs with numerous built-in tools such as Safe Web, Media Vault, Anti-Theft, Thief Cam & Contacts Backup. All of these tools are very useful in protecting different files and web browsing through your iPhone and iPad devices. The tool has a built-in GPS which lets you help to find your device when stolen or lost. The tool also helps you to take proper backup of your data and contacts which you can quickly restore from within the device.

The tool also helps you to protect against unsecured Wi-Fi connection which can fetch data from your device once connected. It will warn you against this type of connections which can carry harmful viruses. 

Download McAFree for iPhone

2. MobiShield 

MobiShield is a Premium mobile security app which is designed for the iPhone and iPad users. The app is relatively cheaper than any other security apps, and you can easily afford it. If you’ve been looking for a reliable protection app for your iPhone, then MobiShield’s updated version is here for you. 

This tool works 24/7 on your device and warns you with a push notification if there is an infectious file or virus available on your device with its location. Additionally, there is a backup tool also available as a built-in tool on this app. You can take backup of your contacts and can restore them anytime you want. 

MobiSheild also monitors your battery life and storage space. You can remove unnecessary files, apps or anything from your device quickly. You can even scan for the networks and Wi-Fi connections. If your connection is not secure and carries malicious files, it will send you a push notification to recover it. It’s a great tool which comes with a decent user interface for everyone.

Download MobiShield

3. Norton Mobile Security 

Norton is a trusted name in this field, and the company has regularly been providing updated software for PCs and Mobile devices. Norton Mobile Security has a dedicated app for iPhone and iPad users. You can make use of this security app to protect your iPhone from entering malicious files and viruses from the Internet, applications, Bluetooth or games. It provides 100% protection to your device. 

Norton’s Mobile security Anti-Virus app is available for free, and you can get it from the iTunes for a desired iPhone or iPad. The app also has a mobile detector which lets you use the GPS to find it out when it gets lost. The tool automatically saves your location so it would be easier for you to find it out when lost. With this tool, you can take backup of your iPhone’s contacts and other documents and can restore it anytime you want. 

Additionally, this tool has a hassle-free Contacts transfer tool which lets you transfer your phone contacts from one device to another device easily. The app supports multiple devices so that you can control multiple devices with this security app. 

Download Norton Mobile Security

4. Lookout

Lookout mobile security app is available with two different versions, a free version, and a premium version. The free version comes with a limited set of features to scan your iPhone for viruses and other unwanted files, while the Premium version has plenty of extraordinary features.

The app comes with many useful features which are very useful to you. It can show you your last location. You can quickly know where you put your device when you couldn’t find it out. The app comes with a backup feature to take backup of your Photos, Contacts, Videos and more. You can restore them anytime from your device.

When there’s any new software update available, the app will let you know about it. You can also get push-notification when there is a virus or any such files available on your iPhone. If there is a virus infected app, it will suggest you uninstall it from your device. It’s a great app designed for you to protect your iPhone and iPad. 

Download Lookout

5. Avira Mobile Security

Avira is a much familiar name in PC and Mobile security platform. This security tool for iPhone is for free; however, you have to sign up for this app by entering your personal information to start using it. It’s a safe app which protects your iPhone and iPad from unwanted apps and viruses. Avira also lets you backup and restore your contacts and other data easily right from your device. 

If we talk about the other built-in tools, there is an identity checker tool available on this device which lets you check other’s identity before using your mobile. It also checks for new updates for your iPhone. If there is any new iOS update for your device, the app will let you know, and you can install the latest updates quickly. 

If your device is lost and you cannot find it out, the Yell feature allows you to find it. The alarm will start ringing itself. The app protects you from surfing the Phishing websites. The tool has plenty of other Smart Reporting tools available. 

Download Avira Mobile Security

Chapter 5: Best Anti-Virus Applications in Android

1. Bitdefender Mobile Security 

Bitdefender is one of the best Cyber Security apps available on the Play Store for Android Smartphones and Tablets. The app is designed to protect your smartphone from viruses and malware. The app is available with a 14-day free trial version, and then after, you have to purchase its premium version which is affordable for everyone. 

If we talk about the features, it has a Malware Scanner which scans all of your phone’s files and apps for viruses. The app comes with a built-in VPN which lets you hide your IP and current location. 

Additionally, it has a built-in App lock feature that locks down your app with a PIN. To open the locked app, you have to enter the PIN, and only then you will be able to access the files. The app protects your device with real-time web security. You can securely browse websites and can protect your phone from malicious files from the Internet. 

Download Bitdefender

2. Avast Mobile Security

Avast is an all-in Security app for your Android smartphone and tablet. The security tool is one of the most downloaded Antivirus tools for Android users. The app is a complete protector which protects your Android from Viruses and Malware with a big Scan button. Just launch the app and tap on Scan button to scan for all the malicious files and viruses that are present on your device. If you see any such data, it will warn you and ask you to remove them. 

Built-in Cleaner function lets you clean out junk files which can also harm your device’s functionality. The app has a built-in App Lock feature which allows you to protect your sensitive data stored in the apps with a Passcode. 

Additionally, the Photo Vault app lets you hide your private photos with a PIN. You can even encrypt your connection on an unsecured area and can change your current location. The anti-theft feature lets you locate your phone on a map so you can quickly get it back. The app also has a Wi-Fi security and Call blocker options. 

Download Avast

3. 360 Security 

360 Security is an innovative Security tool for your Android smartphone and tablet. The tool has many useful tools to protect your device and data from viruses. It’s an all-in-one Power tool which acts as your phone’s personal assistant. 

The application has a smart speed booster which finds out viruses and malicious files and asks you to remove them from the system. The app also prepares a list of unwanted apps and deletes junk files. It keeps your phone’s RAM clean and storage space free. 

The app also optimizes the background apps, junk files, memory, battery, etc. to keep your mobile device safe from virus. Additionally, the tool has a multi-function lock tool to protect your files from the device. You can block call, see current weather, make calls and do a variety of things with additional tools.

Download 360 Security

4. AVG Antivirus 2018

AVG is another familiar name in the mobile security platform. The app is a 100% protection for your Android smartphone as it prevents malware and viruses to enter in your device. The app quickly scans your apps, games, files, documents, settings. If it finds out anything harmful for your device, then it will show you a pop-up. For viruses, the tool sends you a warning message. You can quickly remove unwanted apps and junk files from the app. 

The app has a built-in lock tool which lets you lock down the apps with a PIN, Pattern or Fingerprint. It can be integrated with Google Maps, so you can find out your lost mobile phone and get the exact location of it. Encrypted vault lets you hide your private photos and videos in a separate folder. There are plenty of additional tools available inside this app which you can use for free.

Download AVG Antivirus 2018

5. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus 

If you are looking for an all-in-one phone security solution, then Kaspersky’s Mobile Antivirus is the tool designed for you. It’s a free-to-download Security tool for protecting your phone from virus and malware attacks. It’s a web-security tool which lets you surf the websites and other web pages securely. 

The app works 24/7 and scans for viruses, spyware, and trojans. Virus cleaner app removes viruses and malicious files from your device automatically. The app blocks malware and other links so it cannot enter on your device. Built-in AppLock tool lets you lock down the apps which store your private messages. You can select the apps and lock them down with a PIN code. 

Other useful tools such as web filter, call blocker, anti-phishing, Anti-theft are available which you can use for additional security. The app is for free, and you can get it from the below-given link now.

Download Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus


These are all the best and most downloaded Antivirus Security tools for your iPhone and Android smart devices. You can select the one for your device which fulfills all of your requirements. I hope the above Mobile Virus Removal Guide helped you to gain more knowledge about Securing your phone from viruses and malware. If you have any queries regarding the guidelines and want to know anything about the apps, do let us know in the comments section given below this post. We would try out best to solve your queries with a proper solution.