Iowa Leading The Charge In Launching Digital Driver’s Licenses


The state of Iowa is leading the race when it comes to launching digital drivers licenses for its citizens. Iowa is planning to issue driver’s licenses digitally in the form of smartphone apps by next year, according to Paul Trombino, who is the director Iowa’s Department of transportation.

digital driver license

If everything goes to plan, the digital licenses will be accepted by all the law enforcement officers in Iowa along with the security officers at the airports, The plan is to provide the app to drivers along with their driver licenses in paper and it will be highly secure. State transportation officials have revealed that they’re working on developing an app that would enable citizens to carry around their drivers licenses on their phones.

“It’s a digital driver’s license,” said Andrea Henry, director of strategic communications at the Iowa Department of Transportation. “People can choose to have a plastic card, a digital license, or both.”

The details that the digital driver’s license will carry would be the same as the ones provided in a paper drivers license. It will contain identification details like date of birth, gender and address. These digital licenses will also include a unique bar code that can be used by the policemen for verification purposes.

Legal experts, however, have expressed some major doubts regarding these digital licenses. They have raised questions over privacy, which appear very valid. There are doubts about how the collected information is being secured, and what information is being exchanged by the concerned departments. There is also the possibility of police officers going through other private information of users like photos and text messages when they’re checking the digital licenses.

The electronic drivers license app is currently in the development stages and is rumoured to go be ready by 2016.