iOS 12 – Release Date and Expected Features

By | April 16, 2018

Apple’s upcoming major update for this year for the smart devices is iOS 12. We have seen a number of updates in the past for the existing iOS update i.e. iOS 11 and its versions. The giant is now preparing for the iOS 11.3 update to roll out for public. Before the end of this year, the giant will introduce their latest edition, iOS 12 in the market. Here, we have compiled a list of all the much expected features and more about Apple’s upcoming major update. 

iOS has been updating with new features which are compatible with the newly announced iPhones and other devices. Compared to Android, iOS brings a set of innovative features for the users of iOS devices who are always ready to explore the new features on their respective iOS devices.

As we all know, Apple to launch three new iPhones this year, the giant is also preparing for their new major update i.e. iOS 12. The new iPhones to feature OLED panels from Samsung and we hope to see many more features compatible with OLED panels.

What do we expect from iOS 12? 

Being the most advanced and recent iOS update (future), iOS 12 will definitely bring a bucket full of new features and we all are pretty sure about it. Apple could introduce their very own, in-display Fingerprint Sensor on their upcoming iOS devices based on iOS 12 as the new iPhones to use OLED panels. Apart from this, the list of expected features are very big and for that, you have to keep an eye on the points listed below.

More stability 

Each iOS version comes with a lot of system improvements with new functionality. Apple to cleanse up the entire iOS with an improved technology. The new iOS version will bring system stability by solving performance issues, battery improvements and much more.

Apple will also modify the entire system for the developers with which they can easily explore and develop their own kind of apps and games compatible with the latest environment.

Since many new iOS devices such as the latest iPhone X and iPhone 8 have been facing some issues related to the bugs. Many of the users have complaint regarding the issues that they are facing on the new iOS updates. We hope Apple to bring an iOS version without such messy bugs before releasing its final stable version for the public.

Always-On Display

AOD is one of the most liked features amongst the Android users. In fact, Samsung is offering this AOD feature on their flagship phones and the feature is also acquired by many other giants on their flagships. Apple is also going to acquire the same Always-on Display feature on their upcoming devices with the new iOS 12 update.

As we all know that the new iPhones would be using the OLED panels from Samsung, the phones would come with Always-On Display feature. This is indeed the much awaited feature on the iOS and all the iOS users have been waiting for this to available on their phones. Well, the new iOS 12 will bring this feature for the new flagships.

The new Always-On Display lets users see the notifications, battery percentage, clock and much more without switching the phone on. You can simply watch it through Always-On Display. It consumes very less power and lets you see current time, notification, battery etc. anytime.

True Dark Mode Theme

We have been seeing that many popular applications have acquired the dark mode theme to change the background of the app with dark color so that users can easily see and navigate the options on their phones. YouTube, Twitter etc have announced their Dark Mode option for the users around. Now, the new iOS 12 to bring the same True Dark Mode theme for the users.

This new Dark Mode theme option would come as built-in feature and users will be able to switch to this Dark Mode by exploring the Settings menu from the device. Yes, there will be a dedicated option to switch to the Dark Mode.

Enhanced Parental Controls

This is the most talked feature on the iOS devices. Since teenagers and many Children have started using the iPhones and other iOS devices, parents should be well aware about what their Children are exploring through the devices.

The new iOS 12 will bring enhanced parental control with time-based parameters. This lets parents keep an eye on their children’s activities and they can take full control of what their Children are exploring. They can even set out the passwords for a variety of apps on the iOS 12.

New Widgets on Home Screen

Until now, we haven’t seen any such Home Screen feature on the iOS devices. But in future with the new iOS 12, your wish is going to be fulfilled. Apple to introduce Home Screen widgets with the new iOS 12 update. This new Home Screen widget lets you explore the best of your smart phone without using the apps menu or any other messy tasks, all the controls will be right there on your home screen.

Home Screen widget is there since the launch of Android and almost all the Android users are happily using this feature on their respective Android devices. Well, in future with iOS 12, you would be able to use the same, Home Screen widget on a respective Apple devices.

Improved Notifications

The new iOS 12 will bring an improved notifications panel to your device which would look like a lock screen. The new Notification panel lets you see more of what you want to see. Yes, you will be able to customise the things and apps to show up on the notifications.

Settings Menu within Apps

Apple to bring new Settings option within the apps. This lets users access and customise the features as per their basic needs. This is how they will be able to explore the apps and make use of them quickly.

New Settings will lets users access and customise the features of the apps more easily. The options will be accessible more quickly and it will bring the best of UI to your devices.

An improved Control Center 

The new major iOS update will bring a new Control Center with which developers will be able to add their own specific controls to the apps. This way users and developers will be able to take full control of the apps and this is how they will be able to explore the most of the new apps.

More powerful Siri 

Apple has been constantly upgrading their personal voice assistant, i.e. Siri. Well, the new iOS 12 will bring an improved Siri for everyone. Nowadays, many iOS users have started using the Siri on their respective iOS devices and now with this new update, Siri will be more powerful with added functions and features. More features will be introduced to you with new Artificial Intelligence technology within the iOS devices.

iOS 12 : Announcement Date

Just like every year, Apple is going to introduce their new iOS 12 at annual World Wide Developer’s Conference i.e. WWDC 2018. This year’s WWDC from Apple is scheduled for June 4-8 2018.

iOS 12 : Release Date

Since there is no any official notes released about the actual release date for the upcoming iOS 12, we have to wait for the official announcement to be made first. If go back and see the past releases, Apple could release the iOS 12 in the market for public during the second week of the coming September month.

According to various sources and past history, Apple could release the new iOS 12 on Tuesday 18 September 2018.