iOS 11.3 Release Date and New Features

By | March 23, 2018

Apple has released the iOS 11.3 Beta 6 update for the iOS users recently, this is the only iOS update which has received 6 Beta updates. With the help of the Beta updates, we have pretty much all the new features of this update. We can easily figure out what could be the features on the stable iOS 11.3 update for the iOS users. However, until now, we don’t know the exact launch date of this update. We would try to let you know about the release date and the top features of this iOS 11.3 here. 

Apple has first released the iOS 11.3 Beta update on January 24. Since then, the giant has been releasing one by one Beta updates for the iOS testers and developers. Of course, the release date of the iOS 11.3 is getting closer and the giant plans to launch the iOS 11.3 in the coming Spring.

iOS 11.3 Release Date

Apple is rumored to launch a new series of iOS devices for early 2018. We can expect from Apple to release the new iOS 11.3 update on the new hardware. The giant may announce these new Apple products during their media event. Apple is holding an event on March 27 at Chicago starting at 10AM at Lane Tech College Prep High School. The event is there with “creative new ideas for teachers and students” caption, so there will be something new related to educational related announcement.

According to insiders, Apple to release one more Beta update of iOS 11.3 before the release of the stable iOS 11.3 update. If we compare this update with the previous one, iOS 10.3 update also got seven Beta updates. The same number of beta updates will be released for the new iOS 11.3 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.

Since there is no any official statement regarding the launch date of the iOS 11.3 released, we hope to see the update live on March 27th.

Being a major iOs update, the new iOS 11.3 update is packed with hundreds of new features for the iOS users. The update will be made compatible for more iOS devices and this is how you would be impressed with the Apple’s new iOS update. Just to let you know about the iOS 11.3 update, here we have compiled a list of best new features of iOS 11.3 which would be packed inside the public release of the iOS 11.3. So if you are curious enough to know the features of iOS 11.3, following list might help you out to figure them out. Let’s get on to the list of iOS 11.3 features right now!

iOS 11.3 New Features for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch 

1. Messages on iCloud

Messages on iCloud are finally here on the iOS 11.3 update. Surprisingly, you can already start using this Messages function on the iCloud. In order to enable this, just go to the iCloud settings page and use the Toggle on Messages button. After this, open the Messages app and you will be prompted with Messages on iCloud screen with Open button. Click the Open button start using this service right now.

You can sync this service to your Mac system as well, however your device should be running on iOS 10.13 or above update.

2. More Animojis for iPhone X

Apple’s new iPhone X comes with a new feature known as Animoji. The feature lets user try out different kinds of emojis to work with facial expressions using the Facial Recognition feature. The Animoji mimics your facial expressions and it will offer fun time on your device. You can even share the Animojis to different users as well.

Interestingly, users of iPhone X will get four new Animojis on the iOS 11.3 update. The new iOS 11.3 update will bring dragon, bear, skull, and lion animjos on the iPhone X. It seems like Apple is bringing these new Animojis for International users. They are there for different countries such as China, Russia, Mexico, and Africa, respectively.

3. Health Records

Health Records on the iOS 11.3 will come with a whole new version that will show you all the information about the previous data of your health. If your healthcare provider is associate with Apple’s Health Records, you would certainly see all the information regarding your health using this Health Records. It will show you all the information and visiting dates.

In the Health Data tab, go to Health Records and hit the Get started button. You will be asked to select the healthcare provider from here and you need to log in with your account to access the data.

4. iBooks replaces with Books only

The popular digital books catalogue of Apple, iBooks will be called as Books. Yes, Apple is replacing the iBooks application with Books. Apple has changed the iBooks to Books in the first Beta update, however the Beta 4 update has changed the name of Books to iBooks. So we are certainly unaware about this update as of this moment.

5. More Security with AML 

The new iOS 11.3 update adds security of the users with new Advanced Mobile Location system. This feature helps the security persons or we can say Policemen to find out the location of the users. When you call to 911, the AML will help them to locate where you exactly are. This update sends your current location automatically when in emergency.

6. Improved Privacy 

Apple provides more security to the users with the new iOS 11.3 update. The giant will now show you which data they will collect from you and this is how you can keep yourself clear about the same. The icon of the Privacy app has also been improved with new look. So yes, there will be more security options available on the iOS 11.3 update for the iOS users.

7. Updated AirPlay 2 

The iOS 11.3 update will bring the new AirPlay 2 with added functionality. AirPlay 2 will come with multiroom playback support using AppleTV. You will be able to control your music using AirPlay 2 with the new iOS 11.3 update. This is something very cool for the users of Apple products such as AirPlay 2 and AppleTV.

8. More support on ARKit 1.5

iOS 11.3 update will bring the ARKit 1.5 with an improved set of features for the users. The new ARKit 1.5 supports vertical surfaces of walls. It will also supports irregular shapes of the surfaces as well. So more accuracy will be there on the updated ARKit with the iOS 11.3.

9. Music Videos on Apple Music

If you are subscriber of Apple Music and love to explore a variety of music using the Apple Music app, it’s time to explore the videos within the Apple Music app. Yes, you will be able to stream out the music videos using Apple Music app. The app will let you explore the videos which are currently available on the iTunes. It will show you the videos without the ads which is indeed a cool feature.

10. App Updates with clear UI

App Updates section on the iOS device will show you more information about that particular app which receives a new update. So you will get to know more about that updated app before installing it. The app update section will show you current version number and size of that application as well. So you can get to know more about the app before installing or updating it on the respective iOS device.

11. Sort Reviewing as per your requirements 

Apple’s new iOS 11.3 update lets users decide what to show on the applications. You will be able to sort out the reviews of the apps as per your requirements with most helpful, most favorable, most critical, or most recent. You could select the option and it will show you related reviews from the users.

12. New Faster App Switcher 

App Switcher is an exclusive feature which is available for iPhone X users only. The new App Switcher on the iOS 11.3 is a lot more faster than the previous update. When you launch the App Switcher by swiping up on the display, it will launch the App Switcher more quickly and faster.

13. Improved Face ID

Face ID feature on the iOS 11.3 will explain you with better information. So whenever you use the Face ID, it will show you an additional information about that app or product or anything that you scan using this feature.

14. Improved Apple News 

Apple News on Apple devices, has new sections which will sort the news stories for you. You can select proper section to sort out the things and this is how you can read out an appropriate news which you like to see on the Apple News section. The News app also show you Videos to see the updated videos available for that particular news.

15. Business Chat 

Apple is going to add new Business Chat within the Messages app. This feature will let users communicate easily with the Businesses. Customers will also be able to use this app to schedule service appointments from the Businesses available within the app.

That’s all about the new iOS 11.3 features for the iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. All these features are currently available on the iOS 11.3’s beta updates. The update will bring more features to your iOS device. We would update you with more information regarding the official stable update of iOS 11.3.