iOS 11.3 Jailbreak : Things you need to know before Jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad

By | March 30, 2018

Apple has officially rolled out the much awaited and stable software firmware, iOS 11.3 for the iPhone and iPad users. Users of iPhone and iPad from around the world can now download and install this new firmware update on their respective devices and can test out the latest iOS 11.3 software and their new features. 

If you’ve been fond of Jailbreak the new iOS firmware and have been into technical side, there are a few things which you need to know before Jailbreaking your iPhone and iPad devices with the latest iOS 11.3. As far as the new iOS 11.3 firmware is concerned, there are people who always look for ways to Jailbreak their devices with the latest software update.

As far as the final version of iOS 11.3 firmware comes in, there is nothing officially available as Jailbreaking. Apparently, iOS 11.3 Jailbreak is not yet announced and there is no any special way to Jailbreak your iOS 11.3 device and for that reason, you should not directly jump into the Jailbreaking way for your iOS 11.3 updated device.

The official stable iOS 11.3 is currently in its pre-release state which is yet to go official in various markets around the world. Apparently, it is not the good way for the developers and researchers to move with the Jailbreaking as it will exploit everything on their devices. For now, you have to wait for some more other ways with which you can easily Jailbreak your device. There is no any official insight into the iOS 11.3 Jailbreaking.

Previously, there were reports that suggest the Jailbreaking of iOS 11.3 devices by 0day vulnerabilities during the beta releases for the iOS 11.3 updates. However, the developers of this tool later confirmed that this is not the useful tool for Jailbreaking the iOS 11.3 devices as it is quite messy when it will go on public domain. This was the most effective statement for the iOS 11.3 users.

Currently, iOS 11.1.2 is the only official and last public firmware which is Jailbreakable firmware. People who have switched to the iOS 11.3 firmware are now looking for ways to downgrade their iOS devices to the previous iOS 11.1.2 update so that they could Jailbreak their devices. The RestoreFuture platform for downgrading the iOS version not officially signed by Apple and for that reason, you can downgrade to iOS 11.1.2 and can Jailbreak the device.

With the release of the new final iOS 11.3 Firmware update, developers, researchers and other individuals in the Jailbreaking community are now develop their own Jailbreaking tool to jailbreak their iOS 11.3 devices. They should come up ahead and tell us more about the software and platform they are currently developing for Jailbreaking the iOS 11.3 devices.

The firmware is now final and can not be patched until the new version arrives. For the very same reason, we might get to see more information about the development of Jailbreaking tools for the iOS 11.3 devices. The community members will come up with their official statements regarding the tools and software which would be available for the iOS 11.3 devices for Jailbreaking.

For now, you should not look forward to Jailbreak your iOS 11.3 devices until we hear some official statements from the community members and developers and other insiders who are constantly looking for a way to give something to this community.