Intel to Release Wireless Charging Bowl by Year End


Chip maker Intel is expected to come up with a wireless charging bowl by the year end. This is confirmed by the Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich during a speech at MakerCon in New York. The executive stated that the wireless charging bowl will be retailing in the market by the end of 2014, but the details regarding its pricing is not announced.

The wireless charging bowl measures 10 inches in diameter that should be the size of a normal bowl approximately. It is claimed that this bowl will use resonant charging technology based on A4WP (Alliance 4 Wireless Power) standard. It means that the users can charge multiple devices simultaneously using this charging bowl.


It is claimed that the users can make use of this wireless charging bowl to charge a smartphone, smartwatch or a 7 inch tablet and all of them will be charged at once. Reportedly, Intel has developed the charging bowl after a team of workers at the chip making firm were sitting around a table thinking of how to create a plug on a device to charge it.

Last week, at the Intel Developer Forum, the chip maker showed off their innovations including MICA smart bracelet, charging panel to charge the devices wirelessly and a bowl for the same wireless charging.