Intel and Samsung coming together for lower-cost 4K monitors


According to one of the latest report, the Intel and Samsung coming together for lower-cost 4K monitors. At present time the 4K monitor is very costly and rising in the state. The computer chipset and hardware manufacturer Intel has announced  a partnership with the Korean tech giant Samsung to produce units retailing at the end of this year for $399. Currently pairing up your Windows PC with a 4K monitor can be an expensive business.


The tech giant Intel had also a plans to work along with TDP and Viewsonic to achieve the cheap-able 4k monitor which price is less than $399. They are also promising that these  4K displays quality wont be cheap like other products and they comes with 60 Hz refresh and 100% s RGB color gamut promised. They also said that these 4K Monitors are value of Money. The reports is also claimed that the these Monitors will be available in the holiday season of this year (might be cleared that it will be available at the time of Christmas and New year).

With an extra bonus of thus partnership is that consumers will soon be able to pick up a 4K all-in-one PC at a price tag of a  $999,  which again  a cutting the price by half over currently available models in the market.