Intel confirmed Ice Lake CPUs based on 10nm+ Architecture


Intel has confirmed the 8th Generation Ice Lake Processors. According to the latest reveals, the CPUs of these processors depend on the iterated 10nm architecture and these processors are expected to release in 2018 or maybe 2019. This confirmation by Intel has been surprising but yet the users are still anticipating for the further details of these 10nm Icelake chips.

These first 10nm Ice Lake CPUs Cannon chips are promised to rival with the giant manufacturers like Samsung. Cannon, the chipmaking giant has considered all the user data and involved it in the recent development of the 10nm+ chips based on the 10nm architecture.

Ice Lake CPUs 02

Intel has only published the basic information of these Ice Lake CPUs confirming the 10nm+ processors existence. The description given by Intel states that the processors are the renowned successors of the 8th generation family, scheduled to make a sophisticated beauty.

“These processors utilize Intel’s industry-leading 10 nm+ process technology,” Intel adds.

This reveal by the Intel is amusing as the company still haven’t given the entire details about the Ice Lake CPUs yet. In case if you’re sure of the Intel’s nomenclature, you must know that it has three processes, each in 14nm, 10nm series. This being said, let’s wait what these Intel CPU developments are going to bring us.