Intel acquires PasswordBox to strengthen its security



With an aim to buildup its security offerings, Intel has announced that it was acquiring PasswordBox, a password management startup which was founded two years ago. PasswordBox is the Montreal based startup which announced this deal on its website, but the terms of the deal were not disclosed. Till now Password has attracted funding of $6 million approximately.

PasswordBox was founded by Daniel Robichaud and Marc-Antoine Ross in 2012. It not only provides the secure logins and auto generated passwords but also the method of securing the digital legacy. It is quite interesting, like a will it allows you to transfer those assets to the family member or a friend. This service blusters more than 14 million users.

According to the statement listed on the site, “Starting from Monday, consumers who signup for the PasswordBox will automatically get the free subscription for the coming months, as the compliment from Intel security”.

PasswordBox allows the users to store the log-in credentials to the websites and apps in a secure repository and log into the sites without need to type the passwords manually. This service also helps the users create the secure passwords without being forced to remember them.

Commenting on the acquisition, PasswordBox has posted on its blog that, “To our 14 million users, from every one at team PasswordBox, ‘Thank You’ doesn’t come close to expressing our gratitude. You’ve trusted us to manage your digital lives, shared your ideas and feedback and let us know how using PasswordBox has improved your daily lives”.

Password managers like PasswordBox have become hot recent years, as high profile security breaches such as Heartbleed have made news. Another such beneficiary in this trend is Dashlane, which has received $22 million in series B funding in May this year.