Integral launches the biggest 512GB microSD card

By | January 24, 2018

Integral has introduced world’s very first microSD card that offers half a terabyte of data i.e. 512GB memory storage. Yes, you heard that right! The company has announced this new and the biggest 512GB microSD card in the digital world. The record was hold by Sandisk with its 400GB of microSD card which is recently broken down by Integral with its 512GB Memory Storage. 

If we talk about the speed rates, the new Integral’s microSD card offers 80 megabytes/second transfer which is the maximum transfer rate while the Sandisk card is offering 100 megabytes/second transfer rate. So the new Integral’s microSD card is low slower than what you get from Sandisk’s microSD card.

The new Integral’s microSD card comes with firmware number SDXC UHS-I U1. With the speed of 80 megabytes/ second, it also offers high-speed resolution of 4K videos.

Well, you will be able to use all the applications and can play your favourite games as smoothly as on other microSD cards if you use this latest and the biggest microSD card on your device, there will be no speed related and performance issue if you use this SD card on your device.

The Marketing Manager of Integral Memory UK, James Danton has said that, “As a company, we are very proud to be the first to achieve the 512GB capacity milestone in microSDXC.”

Furthermore, the new generation microSD card from Integral will hit the market from the next month, i.e. February month.

The new microSD card carrying 512GB of Memory Storage is rated class 10. As we know that people are using different types of Cloud Storage applications to store their data over the cloud instead of storing them on their device. However, Integral says as soon as consumers love to store stuffs on their device with low data of Internet, they would definitely use the giant, 512GB of microSD card in the future smartphones.

On a supported Android Smartphones and Tablets, users can easily add extra memory storage space just by inserting a microSD card to the device on the given microSD card slot. Most of the new generation smartphones come with dual Hybrid slots where you can use the second card slot to expand the memory of the phone. If your device comes with support of 512GB of expansion option, you will be able to use this microSD card from Integral to your devices.

Until now, we have seen the smartphones to come with 256GB of expansion option. So we would get to see the future smartphones which would come with 512GB of memory expansion option with a microSD card. With the 512GB of space, you will not be running out of storage memory on your device.

Since the new Integral 512GB microSD card just announced, there is no any further information on its availability available with us. Additionally, there is no any information on the pricing of this new Integral’s microSD card as of now.

If we talk about Sandisk’s 400GB microSD card, it comes with a price tag of $250. So the new Integral’s 512GB microSD card could carry a price tag of around $300 in the market. The final confirmation about its pricing is yet to be released by the company. Hopefully, we would get to see this new microSD card in the market from the March month.

So what’s your take on world’s biggest microSD card by Integral? Do share your views on this. If you have any further questions to ask or have any feedbacks to share regarding this new microSD card, kindly drop them here as a comment into the comments section given below this post. For more such updates, stay tuned with us!