Instagram’s new update makes it a SnapChat clone


Instagram’s newest update for iOS and Android turns the app into even more of a Snapchat clone. Users can now add stickers to their stories, including some that depict a user’s current location, time, or weather. Holiday stickers are also available for the next few weeks, but will be replaced with more permanent stickers in 2017.

Adding a location sticker is essentially the same as tagging the location to regular Instagram posts; users just choose or search for where they are, and people watching their story can tap the sticker to learn more about that place.

While stickers are a fun addition to Instagram Stories, the company is also adding support for more practical features. Users can now save their entire story from the past day as one video to their camera roll. They can also add unlimited text to photos and videos — just press the text button to add more, then choose its alignment. Text can also be resized with a new slider that automatically wraps the writing.

While all that is cool, perhaps the most exciting update is that users now have the option of a “hands-free” mode. This will let them start recording a video with a tap. So yes, finally, no more press and hold to record. Sorry, Snapchat, but Instagram has you beat here.


Though Snapchat it’s a relatively new platform, it’s still incredibly popular and growing quickly. Being one of the first to establish yourself and your brand on the platform could be beneficial, and perhaps even relatively easy, since there is such little competition from other brands and advertisers as of right now. Snapchat is also used frequently by the users who have it. This is a good thing. It means that they’re active and more receptive to messages that you’re sending; they’re also more likely to see them. Snapchat is also ideal for creating a sense of urgency. This sense of urgency can encourage users to take action faster, and can be a powerful motivator.

Instagram is a sister company to Facebook, and allows users to post images and videos online to the users following them (or, in the case of a public profile, to everyone who views their profile or a used hashtag). Descriptions of the images are also posted, and often contain clickable links and topics in the form of hashtags.

Now we just leave it upto you to decide which one to use and get hooked to, but just in case you decided to download Instagram, click on the link below to:

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