Instagram may allow you to follow Hashtags


Being world’s most popular photo sharing cum social networking platform, Instagram is testing out a new feature which would allow the users to follow Hashtags and Accounts at the same time. Instagram is officially acquired by Facebook and offers a variety of new features to the app in the recent time. Now, the giant is testing out yet another feature with which you can simply follow Hashtags from the feed. 

The aim behind this new feature is to let users find out more curated content in no time with super easier way. This new feature will definitely create new user interface and engagement with more easier way.

The current phase is running in testing environment with pilot testing. This feature will only pulls down the popular tags and accounts from the feed to avoid unwanted tags and other things from your feed. As per the reports, as soon as the Pilot Testing phase of this feature completes, they will release the final stable version of the app with new features in the near future.

Interestingly, Instagram has enabled a few users to test out this new feature which allows them to follow Hashtags and Accounts. As the app is currently testing out the new features, many of the users are able to test out this feature with its beta phase.

This feature will add more stability to the User Interface and it will allow you to search for the right content more easily and accurately. Since the feature is here in the best testing, you might not be able to see it live on your current Instagram app yet.

There is a simple way to make use of this new feature once it goes live to the final update. If you like to see computers on your newsfeed, all you have to do is just select the search button and type in Computers there. You would see a Follow button at the upper side of the results page. Just tap on to the Follow button and you will be done.

The photo-sharing giant has not yet decided to make this feature available for the public. They have pushed this app as a beta update and when the beta users of this app come up with good experience, only then they will release this final version of Instagram with all these new features for Android and iOS platforms.

People who are able to test out this new Follow Hashtags features on their Instagram platform, took to the Twitter and shared their experiences with this new feature. You too can find out the live tweet of this new feature from here.

This new Follow Hashtags feature will simply change the overall user interface of the app. By following the desired Hashtags, users will be able to have more accurate feeds and topics to the Instagram feed. It could also be helpful for those who are following different types of news. By following proper hashtags, they will be able to make use of this new Instagram features to keep the breaking news right on their Instagram’s feed.

As we have said earlier, the feature is currently available only to a few users in certain regions. The giant is currently receiving feedbacks from its users and they will then decide whether to release this Instagram update for the public or not.

If we talk about the recent updates of Instagram app, you can now post saved photos beyond 24 hours to your Instagram stories. For the Halloween season, the giant has also upgraded the app with Superzoom tool and a few other improvements to other tools. So all in one, the app is constantly upgrading with new features as it has millions of its crazy fans around the world.

Tinder is also testing out new geolocation and AI-base system feature for the app for Android and iOS users. The popular dating app is also upgrading and you will see some more updates to such popular apps in the near future.