Instagram lets you download a copy of your data

By | April 12, 2018

Instagram to introduce a new data portability feature. According to this, the users of Instagram will be able to download a copy of their data from their own Instagram’s profile. They will get all the shared items from their profile downloaded, including Photos, Videos and more. 

Instagram’s Spokesperson has confirmed this to TechCrunch on Wednesday, “We are building a new data portability tool. You’ll soon be able to download a copy of what you’ve shared on Instagram, including your photos, videos and messages.”

Sadly, it’s just a report and it is still in its testing environment so it is still unclear when this new tool will be added to the platform. Still it has made people and the users of Instagram amazed. The same feature is available on Facebook which lets users download all the shared photographs and everything from their profile and now the same feature is going to be available on Instagram.

We are certainly not aware about what the company would allow the users. Whether the feature will be limited to download the photos and videos shared through their profile or they would also get the backup of all the stories that they have saved on their profile. Things are pretty unknown as of the moment and we are not sure about anything just yet.

Since 2010, Facebook has had the same feature which allows its users to download their photos, messages, clicked advertisements and a log of all their activity on their network. Instagram has no such feature at the users’ end till date. We hope to see this new Download feature of their profiles copies very soon.

So far, Instagram is quite a locked place for the users as nobody can download anything from the platform. Of course, there are hundreds of other tools and platforms available which lets you download the data from users’ profiles. However, there is no any easy ways to get their photos and videos downloaded from the profiles.

According to sources, the feature would have to launch before May 25th. Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, the tool will definitely be there for millions of its users around the globe.

Since Instagram doesn’t have a feature with which a user can download a copy of their own data, the other third party apps and platforms earn huge money by providing such services. The new tool from Instagram would shut off all such businesses when the giant introduce this feature natively within the Instagram’s application under the Settings menu.