Instagram to come with new Portrait Mode feature

By | March 6, 2018

Photo-sharing giant, Instagram has becoming more popular as the giant is constantly adding and testing out new features for over a Billion users of the platform. Instagram has added plenty of camera modes and so many other things to make the most of it. New sources suggest that the giant is working on a new Portrait Mode for the platform. 

Instagram has expanded their photo shutter modes with a bunch of useful and impressive modes over the past months. But it seems like the giant may add one more and much impressive mode to its shutter modes with Portrait Mode. Source Code of the app reveals it and we would soon get to this new shutter mode live for the users with a new update of the app.

Instagram’s Android Application Package has the hidden Portrait Mode feature for the Stories Camera. So yes, while adding a new Instagram story within the profile of yours, you could see new shutter mode with Portrait Mode along with the other super cool shutter modes for the Instagram Stories feature.

According to sources, the new Portrait Mode lets you take perfect stylish photos by adding bokeh-effects and blurred Background just like Apple’s own Portrait Mode. Once introduced, you will be able to capture the perfect shots like Apple iPhone X on an Instagram application using any other smartphone.

You can find out the code of this new Portrait Mode within the APK of the Instagram application. TechCrunch has officially shared this information and the screenshot of the same feature here. The new icon of Instagram Portrait Mode will be there once you select the Shutter mode while uploading a new story within the app.

Well, the giant has completely denied on speaking anything about the Portrait Mode feature which might be their strategies not to announce anything regarding their upcoming feature. However, people are very smart and they have noticed this Portrait Mode feature on the app which was hidden in the APK file as code.

Many new smartphones are coming up with their new smartphones featuring the Portrait Mode feature to impress the masses. If your phone doesn’t feature Portrait Mode, you can still get the same photos within the new Portrait Mode shutter mode within the Instagram’s application once available.

Instagram has millions of its regular users and most of them are using the In-app stories feature which offers a lot of shutter modes to capture and record their stories. There are plenty of impressive modes available within the app and the company is constantly working to add more and more shutter modes within the app.

Instagram is beating the popular Snapchat app and it seems like they both are competing with each-other to impress the users. Both the apps are coming with new features to impress the users. However, people are smart enough to choose and stick to the right application to use on their devices.

Users of smartphones with Portrait Mode on the phone’s native app can upload the images taken by the Portrait Mode to the Instagram’s application. However, after this Portrait Mode feature available, you will be able to directly upload the stories with this mode using the Portrait Mode.

Sadly, we don’t have any information about the availability of this new Shutter mode within the Instagram app as the giant has completely denied on speaking on the new mode. We could expect to hear more from the officials regarding the same feature in the coming days.