Instagram alerts you when a user takes Screenshot of your Stories, know how to stop it


Instagram is stealing features of Snapchat as today, the photo-sharing giant has announced a new feature which alerts the user when someone takes Screenshots of his stories. According to this new feature, you could easily view the profile of your followers or friends who have taken a Screenshot of your Instagram story. 

This new feature lets you see a star like circle besides the profile or the name of the person who has taken a Screenshot of the stories of yours. Screenshot in Stories is a new feature which would notify the users regarding the Screenshots as the name suggest.

The update has made officially available to the globe and you would even see a proper alert message on your phone’s display regarding this new change made by the giant to your Instagram app. Many users have shared this message on Twitter regarding this new update of Instagram with live screenshots. You can find out one such tweet from here.

Well, this feature enabled by default and thankfully, there are a few tricks which you can use to stop notifying your friends regarding the Screenshot which you have just taken from their shared story. Yes, you can even take screenshots of your friends and followers’ stories without getting detected by simply using this trick to your device.

There are some users who have come up with tricks which can instantly grabs you the screens you like to. While taking a Screenshot of a particular story shared by your friend or follower, simply put your phone into Flight mode and the recipient won’t get any message or alert regarding the Screenshots which you have taken of their stories. This is one simple trick which you can use to stop get detected by your friends and followers.

The other option which you can try out is downloading the stories using Instagram’s website. This will also save you from getting detected.

Apart from this, there are a number of third party apps which are available to download and use on a respective Android or iOS platform. You can also make use of such apps to grab out the stories of your friends and followers within the platform.

It seems like the Facebook subsidiary is rolling out this feature in phases as it is not yet available in the global markets. The update is slowly reaching out to new regions and soon it will be released in the global market.

Stories is quite a popular feature not just on Instagram, but it is widely popular on other networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and other platforms. The giant has first introduced this feature in August 2016 and since then it has gained millions of active users who are happily posting their stories on the platform.