iMazing Review and 77% Discount Code: Best iPhone Device Manager in 2019?

By | October 18, 2019

If you are using an iOS device, then you might very well know about Apple’s own device manager i.e. iTunes. iTunes is highly used by iOS and non-iOS users for a variety of purposes. Most iOS users use it to take back up and to manage their device’s storage. 

If we talk about the functionality, iTunes is a bit complicated for beginners. Over the past few months, iTunes functionality has been changed which is not an impressive move. If we talk about the recent survey, Apple users prefer to use third-party device managers instead of iTunes.

If you too get bored with the iTunes and want to use a different device manager to manage your iPhone and its storage, then iMazing is the perfect solution for you. Here, we have prepared a detailed review of iMazing which is considered as the best iPhone Device Manager.

This iMazing Review will give you brief information about this software. You will also get to know whether it is suitable for you or not. Let’s get on to the review part of this software.

iMazing- iPhone Device Manager Review

Why should I use iMazing?

Before we get on to the review part of this software, the first thing you might wanted to know about this software is why should I use this?

I’m sure many of you are still using Apple’s iTunes to backup files and to manage the storage of your iOS device. It is still considered as the best iOS device manager. However, iTunes comes with many limitations which is why many iOS devices are looking for a change.

Well, there are numerous iOS device managers available on the market which you can get from the trusted sources. You can get some free device managers and premium device managers as well. iMazing offers the best of the environment to manage your storage.

The software is designed for the new generation users which takes care of all of your demands. You will never get disappointed with the functionality and features of this tool. To know more about this device manager, here we have listed down some of the very useful features of this software.

iMazing: Key Features

iMazing is the most advanced iPhone device manager software which offers a set of advanced features and tools for the users. The software is packed with dozens of extraordinary features to take care of your iOS device and all the files stored in it. Let’s check out them now!

Quick Backup 

Backing up an iOS device is crucial and most iOS users use iTunes for that. iMazing has a quick backup tool that takes backup of your files quickly. Once your device is fully backed up, you can easily browse, edit, customize it and can restore it whenever you want.

The software also supports wireless backup with its mobile app. You can keep everything synced with the cloud option. Your device will always be backed up and you will never lose a single file from it.

Quick File Transfer

This software is compatible with both, Mac and Windows PC systems. It helps you to transfer all types of files such as photos, videos, documents, movies etc. from your PC system to your iPhone or iPad device.

Interestingly, it supports drag and drop functionality, you can simply drag files to the desired folder and the selected files will be transferred quickly. It takes very less time to transfer big files.

iOS to iOS Transfer

If you are switching your iOS device, then you don’t need to worry about the data of your device. This software allows you to transfer your data from an older iOS device to a newer one quickly. It has a special tool to do so.

Apps Manager 

There is a dedicated apps manager tool included in this software to manage the installed applications on your device. You can quickly search, download and install iOS files to this software and then can transfer it to the desired iOS device. You can also install or uninstall apps from your existing iOS device quickly using this software.

Messages Backup

This software has a special export messages tool that lets you export and save text messages of your iOS device. You can take a backup of your messages from other third-party applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger etc. You don’t need to worry about the data loss from such messaging apps as soon as you are taking regular backup using this feature.

The tool lets you export your messages in different file formats which you can then use for other purposes. You can also get a PDF file of the messages and can print them out. It supports emojis and emoticons as well. The messages will be as it is and there will be no change.

Contact Manager 

There is a tool called Contact Manager also included in this software. This is a contact manager to manage your contacts. This tool lets you export the list of contacts to your PC system without using iTunes and iCloud.

The saved file of contacts can be restored on any other devices including Android. It will export contacts file in CVS format. You can easily read them out with Microsoft Excel and other software.

Media Management

The software lets you easily transfer ringtones, songs and other media files from iOS device to PC and vice versa. You can also add customized ringtones and other media files which can be synced with your iPhone quickly. It supports popular file formats so you don’t have to limit yourself when it comes to adding customized ringtones to your iPhone’s library.

iOS Management 

iOS Management tool is for the advanced users who can diagnosis vulnerability issues and other bug related issues on the devices. If you are facing any troubles while using this software, it will show you the causes of it on the display which can be resolved quickly.

These are some of the most advanced features and tools that are included in this versatile device manager for iOS devices. Now, let’s figure out how this software actually works!

How does iMazing Work?

The great thing about this software is it is very easy to use and doesn’t require prior knowledge. It’s easier than any other device managers which are indeed a good thing for the beginners.

The first thing you need to do is downloading the setup file of this app on a respective PC system from its official website. Once you get the setup file, manually install it on a Mac or Windows PC system.

Once the software is installed on your system, go to the Applications menu and click on to its icon. The software will be launched and will ask you to connect your iOS device.

Now, connect your iPhone or iPad to your system. Make sure you are using a compatible data cable. Soon, the software will recognize your device and it will ask you to trust this computer on your screen. Select the Trust option from your iOS’ screen to finish the connection.

The pairing will be successful and you will be allowed to use all the tools and features of the software from your computer’s screen. If you are familiar with iTunes, then you will not face any difficulties in using this software on your PC system to manage the files of your iOS device.


iMazing is designed for everyone who wants to have a premium device manager software for their iOS devices. Depending on your needs, you can get a suitable license which can suit your needs.

You can also get a free trial version of this software. You can test out the software and its features for free without buying its licensed version. If you get satisfied with the software and want to use all the premium tools of it, then you can go for the licensed version of it.

Fortunately, you will get a Universal license of the software for both the PC systems i.e. Mac and Windows. You can use the software on both the systems with a single license. You can get it for $19.99. Explore more subscription plans from its official website.