How to Identify People Stealing your WiFi Connection


Are you getting slow internet speed? or you have any doubt that your neighbors are stealing your wifi network?. There are many possibility to get slow network speed. All this happens due to weak security management such as your wifi is not password protected or even you are using weak password like your name, contact number etc. Avoid using these kind of password.


But if you have confusion that some unknown person is using your WiFi then I have some solution that can easily identify People Stealing your WiFi Connection. Depending on a person’s ability I have categorized the method to identify People Stealing your WiFi Connection.

Method 1: For Low-Tech People

Using the light of your WiFi while connected to the internet you can find who else is using your WiFi network. Your wireless router should have indicator lights that notifies hardwired network connections, Internet connectivity, and also any wireless activity, so one way you can see if anyone’s using your network is to shut down all wireless devices and go see if that wireless light is still blinking. If i is still blinking means some other person is using for sure. So reading WiFi manuals you can change the password of the WiFi to disable them to use the internet. It’s still a quick-and-dirty method, though, that can confirm your at-the-moment suspicions; If you want more details about the person you can follow the below steps to do that.

Method 2: Network Admin Method

You can go through the WiFi admin panel to inspect how many people are currently connected to this router. To log into the router console, go to your router’s IP address. You can find this address on On a Mac, Open the Network Preference pane and grab the IP address listed next to “Router:” On Windows? Go to a command prompt (press Win+R then type cmd) and then typing ipconfig in the window, then find the “Default Gateway” IP address.


As type that IP address on your web browser, it will ask you to enter the router’s username and password, usually the username will be “admin” or password would be “admin” (If you have never changed the password, or search Google with the router brand for the default password.).

It is true that the different router has different interface but still you can easily find the option called “Attached devices”, Connected devices like that, find these kind of option to get the list of connected computer or device.

Things do if you find an unauthorized device connected to your WiFi

Now the point to think is how to stop them to use your WiFi, As mentioned above, changing your security to WPA2-AES (or setting up a new password) will prevent access to your Wi-Fi network from unauthorized users. The IP addresses and MAC addresses alone won’t help you much identify the unknown users. So better forget about them and change the password.

I hope these two methods are enough to find any unauthorized user, just follow the same as mentioned here to protect your WiFi to block them.