Hulu is going to merge its two iOS apps into One


Being one of the most popular online streaming platform, Hulu carries a huge number of its users around the world. Recently, the developers have made an announcement about its new upgraded app for iOS platform. Hulu is going to merge its two different iOS apps into One single app with the same interface of both the applications from just one single app. 

This new updated app is designed with more decent user interface with a whole new design. This new design is compatible with all types of iPhone and iPad devices running on an iOS platform. Hulu’s new updated app is now available on the official iTunes and AppStore and you can easily install this updated version of the Hulu application from a respective store.

According to this new update, users will be able to use all the subscribed channels with the same user name and password. Hulu’s this update will available for $40 per month subscribers as well as $8 per month on demand subscribers.

Furthermore, on this latest update, the officials said, “We will soon unify the two Hulu apps currently available in the Apple App Store, Hulu with Live TV and Hulu, into one great on-demand and live TV viewing experience. We will let you know when this happens for good.” This is something like a much awaited feature which all the Hulu users were expecting and it is finally available.

If you open the Hulu live TV app, you will be redirected to the official Hulu app itself. There is no any information whether the former app will be removed from the AppStore or not. However, with this new updated Hulu app, you don’t need to install both the Hulu apps, just install only one updated Hulu app and you can use both, the original Hulu app and Hulu Live TV app.

This was the much needed update for all the iOS users out there as Hulu has already updated its Android app. Since this update is merging both the different environments of the Hulu app, this new update might disappoint plenty of users. If you love to explore new applications, then you would definitely going to praise this updated version of the Hulu app. So, go ahead and start updating your existing Hulu app right now.

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