Hulu discounts is HBO add-on for Westworld Season 2


Hulu is a popular streaming TV service with millions of its paying subscribers. The streaming TV service giant is now offering great discounts on the HBO add-on ahead of the Westworld Season 2’s premiere this month. HBO add-on was available for $14.99 a month from Hulu. So you had to pay $14.99 extra every month just for the HBO channel. Now with this new discount, the pricing of this add-on is decreased and is available for just $5 per month. 

Well, the current $4.99 per month for HBO add-on discount offer runs for six month after completing the six months of subscription, you will have to pay the full amount for the add-on.

The Streaming TV provider has started offering HBO from last summer and it’s has been gaining more subscribers to this add-on by the passing of days. Interestingly, the number of users of this service is also increasing day by day and just to attract the masses around, Hulu comes out with this new offer.

It seems like HBO really wants you all to watch the upcoming Westworld Season 2 and for that reason, they have teamed up and came up with this attractive offer so all the existing subscribers of Hulu can take benefits from this. The new offer makes the Hulu and HBO combo much more affordable than the original HBO’s own service.

The lower pricing on the HBO add-on is there for both, new as well as the existing subscribers. Apart from this, Hulu is also offering special add-ons of the premium channels Showtime and Cinemax to their streaming line up for the subscribers who are paying $8 each month. This doesn’t make people surprised as we have seen such combos and offers from various providers in the past by other providers.

Apart from this, Hulu has also announced the partnership of their bundle with Spotify, world’s most popular online music streaming service. With this partnership, users will get music and video streaming bundle for $12.99 a month. Last year, the giants have announced the same combos for the students and after gaining more success there, they have decided to offer the same combo for the normal users as well.

If you are paying $7.99 for limited ads plan to Hulu, by grabbing out this HBO add-on for additional $5 means you need to pay $12.99 per month which is far better than what you have to pay for the HBO package i.e. $14.99 per month.

People who already have subscribed for the HBO add-on, will not get any additional discounts through this offer, which means they have to stick to their existing plans. This is something not welcoming for the people who have been using the HBO and Spotify’s services. The new offerings don’t make any sense to the existing subscribers which is not good at all!