Huawei Wallet is now available on Play Store

By | March 11, 2018

Huawei has made their Huawei Wallet app available for Android users as the app has now uploaded on the Play Store officially. The Huawei Wallet, Huawei’s own digital payment service is now headed to more Android devices through Play Store. It is still not confirmed the compatibility of the smartphones to run and make use of this app on the smartphones. 

Like you know, Google has their own Android Pay and Samsung has its own Samsung Pay digital payment applications, Huawei is also now expanding the availability of their Huawei Pay application to more markets around the world. Being world’s third largest smartphone maker, Huawei has hundreds of different types of smartphones and now they are compatible with the Huawei Pay application.

Apple too has their own Apple Pay, smart digital payment application which is now expanding the more markets around the world. Recently, Apple has updated their Apple Pay app by adding support for 20 more banks and credit units of the United States. In a nutshell, all the giants are now aiming towards making their own Digital Payment services available for more markets around the world.

Apart from this, LG too has their own LG Pay, payment service for the LG smartphones, however LG Pay is not that popular around the digital market as the company is not focusing on their smartphones lineup since for a while.

Until now, the Huawei Pay application was available for the users of Huawei and Honor smartphones in China. The Huawei Pay is not a new Wallet app, the app was originally launched in the year 2014 on the Honor 6 smartphone by Huawei. However, it was limited for China and not for any other markets. To expand their service and to gain more number of users, the Chinese OEM is now focusing more on expanding their service to more markets as early as possible.

Since Google Pay was not available in the China, Huawei Wallet was doing well in the Chinese market. However, the company is now looking for acquiring more markets to use their own digital payment service, Huawei Wallet. The app comes with a set of handy features and neat User Interface which can be easily used by anyone.

According to various reports, the company is now planning to offer paid services for the Huawei ID users. For the same, Huawei Wallet application will be used for the transactions of the payments for the Huawei ID users. Huawei Wallet application will be released for more Android devices and the company will add more compatible devices so the app can be used by more number of smartphone users.

If you want to test out or just want to explore the Huawei Wallet app, you can simply head over to the official Google Play Store‘s page right now.