Huawei shows a super-fast charging battery

By | November 14, 2015


Battery is one of the most and important parts of any electronic device. Every mobile user wants to charge their phone as quickly as possible. So, it looks like the Chinese mobile maker Huawei has a solution to this very important problem of any mobile device.

At the Battery Symposium in Japan, the tech company has shown two new batteries that can charge 10 times faster than the currently used battery in your device. The company showed a 600 mAh battery charging to 68 percent in just two minutes, where the 3,000 mAh battery charged 48 percent in just 5 minutes.

This superfast charging battery uses heteroatom and bind them to the molecule of Graphite present in the anode, which behaves like a catalyst for transmission of lithium via carbon bonds. This means that these batteries can charge at superfast speed without effecting battery’s capacity and its life.

The company said in a press release about this discovery, “this breakthrough in quick charging batteries will lead to a new revolution in electronic devices, especially with regard to mobile phones, electric vehicles, wearable devices, and mobile power supplies.”

If this battery comes with some device, we’ll be able to charge our battery in very short period, so we don’t have to wait for very long time if we want to charge our phones, whenever we plan to hit the road. Only time will tell when this battery will be used, but this is for sure that Huawei has achieved a very important breakthrough in the battery business.