How to Use Your Apple Watch as a Flashlight on watchOS4


Apple has unveiled its new iPhones along with Apple TV 4K and a new Watch Series 3 in the market. If we talk about the new Apple Watch Series 3, it packs with a bundle of new features including the Cellular support. The company has also launched its new watchOS4 along with the new iOS 11 on September 19th. If you’ve already upgraded your Smart Watch with watchOS4, know how you can use this watch as a Flashlight from here. 

Apple’s new OS updates including iOS 11 and watchOS4 brings a set of innovative features. The new watchOS4 brings a new Heart Rate Monitor which is packed with an advanced monitor to keep you updated with your heart rate data. You can use the new Smart Watch for various tasks including making and receiving phone calls.

If for some reason, you need some light in the dark, you can use the Apple Watch as flashlight with the new watchOS4. Since people are using this device as fitness gadget, this new watchOS4 allows you to keep the flashlight on so other people can see you in the dark. This feature will be more helpful for the cyclers and runners. So let’s see how we all can use this Flashlight feature on watchOS4 from here.

Use Your Apple Watch as a Flashlight on watchOS4

  • Make sure to open the control center on your Apple Watch
  • Swipe up on the display and open the Control Center on a Watch
  • You could see an icon that look like Flashlight, tap it out
  • The watch’s display will light up with maximum brightness
  • You can close the flashlight by swiping down on the display

Easy? This is how you can turn on the Flashlight like screen on a Smart Watch on the new watchOS4. It doesn’t have a dedicated Flashlight like a smartphone, however you can still make use of a minor light by turning on the display with maximum brightness.

Apart from this, you can even change the display color of your watch if you have already upgraded your Apple Watch with the latest watchOS 4 Operating System. To do so, you need to follow a few more steps.

In order to change the color of the display, first turn on the White Brightness screen on the watchOS4 display

Now, just swipe from left to right on the display to change the color black and white

  • Swipe one more time to change the color to red color
  • You can swipe left to right to bring the colors back one by one
  • To close this, just swipe down from upper to bottom to close the flashlight

So folks, this is how you can actually turn on the Flashlight or can change the color of the Flashlight on your Apple Watch. Apple has put this feature as a safety feature specially for runners and cyclers. This will make other people aware your presence and keep you safe from the accidents or any other unwanted things.

If you have bought the Apple Watch, make sure to upgrade it with the new watchOS4 and give this new feature a single try. If you have anything to ask, feel free to let us know in the comments section given below this post.