How to Root and install CWM recovery on xperia M C1904/1905


Sony Xperia M is a Mid range Smartphone from Sony, This smartphone is very popular because of its software as well as hardware features with decent price tag. The device is powered by 1.5 GHz dual core snapdragon S4 chip processor and the device has 1 GB of RAM for multitasking and smooth performance. Initially this device runs on Android 4.1 and which can up gradable up to 4.3 Android.

The Sony xperia M comes with 4 inch display with 854×480 pixel resolution. Xperia M sport 5 mega pixel rear camera facing on its back and 0.3 megapixel secondary camera facing on the front. The device packs 4 GB internal storage memory and connectivity of the device includes WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G and many more, The device also packs 1750 mAh battery .

Benefits of Rooting and flashing custom recovery

  • The storage of the device will become free by removing the  pre installed applications by the manufacturers and the carriers.
  • The life of battery will be increased because constantly running applications are to be removed.
  • Performance will be increased with the tweaks & mods available for the device.
  • you can flash tons of custom ROMS after rooting and flashing the custom recovery for better performance and looks.


Below points are the warnings you should know before you are ready to prepare your smartphone to root or Install custom ROM.

  • Rooting and installing custom ROM is not a authorized process, so you may lose all the warranty benefits.
  • Rooting/installing your device is risk process, It may damage while the rooting/ installation process as it is not legalized one.
  • The important thing that device might not get any updates once you are done with the Rooting.

Things to do before you began Rooting

  • You should have sony Xperia M which runs on Android 4.3 operating system. suppose if you have sony xperia M with Android 4.1 or 4.2 Try this method
  • Enable USB debugging in your device  Click here to learn about USB debugging.
  • Download and install Sony Xperia M USB Drivers in your personal computer or laptops and connect your device to the pc to complete the installation.
  • Click Here to unlock the Boot loader of your device.
  • Make sure the device it should have minimum 50% of battery otherwise make charge of the device.
  • make a Backup for the data in your device.

Files to be Download

How to make Root and Install CWM recovery on Xperia M

  • Initially you need to download and rename the custom recovery file Boot.img from 4.3 boot.img.
  • Download and copy the super Su zipfile to the device through external card SD.
  • Download and extract the Fast Boot+ADB(20926) in your PC.
  • Copy this Boot.img in Fast Boot ADB extracted folder and turn off your device completely. Now press and hold the shift key and right Click on an empty area with in the folder, and click on Open Command window Here.
  • Press an hold the Volume up and connect it with your PC and don’t left volume up button until you see the blue blinking light.
  • Now enter fast boot flash boot boot.img on the command prompt of your PC and press enter.
  • After completing of flashing process type fast boot reboot and hit enter.
  • Now your device starts booting, once you see the pink LED light notification start pressing volume up key of the device to start boot recovery mode.
  • In this recovery mode install Zip > choose Zip file from the SD card, and locate and select super SU ZIP file on the next file select yes.


  •  This will start flashing of your device, Once your are done with flashing reboot the device.
  • Finally you will find the super Su app on your app drawer, This means you are done with the Root.