[How to] Restrict others from seeing notifications on locked Windows Phone 8.1


In Windows Phone 8.1 what many of the users love is its long overdue feature, the new notification center. Android and iOS has already got this feature and now is Microsoft’s turn to get Notification center to Windows Phone. Before Notification center live tiles has served the purpose of alert the users of notifications, but due to the increase of complexity and the separation of essential from non essential notifications Microsoft has released the dedicated notification center for Windows phones users.

Windows 8.1 users will swipe down from the top of the display to view the notification center. In the notification you will be able to find battery details, SIM status, received messages, mails, Skype messages, notifications from social networking sites and more. Notification will show the received time of the messages, details and the first line of the messages.

The notification center in Windows Phone is found on the lower half of the display whereas Action center is found at the top of the screen and it contains the quick-action buttons which lets the users to access frequently used functions. the notifications center features a time-sorted list which helps the users to view the notifications which they have missed. The notification center in the Windows Phone can be viewed from any screen.


Now here I am going to teach how to restrict others from seeing  notifications on locked Windows Phone 8.1. It is very simple and all you need to do is just turn of the little toggle to protect your notification center from others.

Go to Settings<<Notifications and Actions <<Disable “Show notifications when my phone is locked“.

Now you have done it. From now if any body try to see your notification center on a locked phone they can only able to see the action center with quick access toggles.