How to restore and transfer library back to iPod


If you had backed up your iPod and now you want to restore your library back to your iPod. Here is the tutorial for how to restore and transfer library back to iPod. Here are the two methods for this process, one is restoring the iPod touch and the other one is for Restoring iPod Nano, Classic, Mini and Shuffle.

Method 1 : Restoring iPod Classic, nano and mini


  • Before restoring, connect your computer to the internet because restoring the iPod requires the latest iTunes version or iPod software.
  • Launch the iTunes and check for the latest updates bu clicking on the iTunes menu and Check for the updates.
  • Now connect your iPod to the PC and it will be detected by the PC in few seconds. Now click on the iPod to open the summary tab in the main iTunes window.
  • This will erase everything on your iPod and it restores the iPod to the factory conditions.
    1. If you are using Mac, then you will be asked to enter the administrator password.
    2. Windows users will see one or more restoring options which prompts the iTunes to download the iPod software automatically. Hold the shift button and it allows your computer to browse for latest firmware version you wish to use and then click to restore.
  • Then wait for the first stage of restoring process to complete and iTunes displays the status. After first stage is done iTunes displays two instructions specific to the iPod model you are using.
    1. Disconnect the iPod and connect it to the iPod power adapter.
    2. Leave the iPod to the computer to complete the restore.
  • In the second stage of restore process, the iPod displays a status bar and in this stage it is important that iPod to be connected to iPod power adapter or computer.
  • After the restore process is completed, iTunes will open the setup assistant and you should name the iPod and select the sync options.

Method 2 : Restore iPod touch


  • Connect iPod the computer and make sure that the iTunes you are using is the latest version.
  • After connecting to PC your device should be listed in the iTunes window. If youe iPod is not detected, you should put into the DFU mode before you restore it.
  •  Restore button is found in the summary tab once your device is detected and click on it and you will be asked to perform the backup. If you want to save your data then click on yes. After it finishes the device will reboot.
  • The data synced with the iTunes will not be backed up and you should resync it later.
  • If you want to select to restore all your data restore from iTunes backup or iCloud backup. If you want to restore your device to the factory settings, select the set up as new device.
  • The restoring process may take few minutes to complete and device displays the progress and the time remaining.
  • When you use your iPod again you need to enter your Apple ID and the password to access the cloud data and apps.