How to Jailbreak any iPhone and iPad on iOS 7.0.6


iOS jail-breaking is not as easy as Android rooting but still iOS users can jail break their devices easily. For that you should be handy with your device, a Mac or Windows PC with internet enabled, I hope you are ready with everything.


iOS 7.0.6 is the latest version of Apple’s which runs on almost every latest Apple device like iPhone 5 (all variant), iPads and iPods. Here is the tested and verified tutorial to get Jail-brake your device easily.

Just after the update of the iOS version, developers have also updated the tool to do the same that supports iOS 7.0.6 Jailbreak on every of iOS 7 running devices. The upgraded version of evasi0n 7 v1.0.6 comes as an invocation for those who have by mistake upgraded their devices to the latest iOS 7.0.6 version.


First of all if you have already installed earlier version of evasi0n on your PC then you must have to update it, links are given to get the latest version.

Download evasi0n7 v1.0.6 / evasi0n v1.0.7

From many social networking sites it has been seen that iOS users generally ask this question “How To Jailbreak iOS 7.0.6 on Windows and Mac?“, But now it is possible to Jailbreak iOS 7.0.6 on both the platform.

You have to get the iOS 7.0.6 jailbreak tool (easily available for both Windows and Mac platform) working for your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. You can just rewrite the build number of iOS 7.0.5 with iOS 7.0.6 in the tool, and then evasi0n7 will start detecting your device no matter you are using Windows or Mac.

This method is capable to jailbreak iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and other iDevices.

iOS 7.0.6 Jailbreak needs (Windows)

  • Download the latest iOS 7.0.6 firmware update.
  • You can also download the evasi0n7 v1.0.5 on your PC, and then download Hex editor, you can select ant to edit evasi0n7 v1.0.5 to support iOS 7.0.6 jailbreak.
  • Once after getting all the files, you can follow this steps to edit the evasi0n7 v1.0.5 to support jailbreak iOS 7.0.6 procedure.
  • Now the actual process is going to start, please do follow the steps carefully to Jailbreak your device, sometimes it may cause errors so it will be better for you.

iOS 7.0.6 Jailbreak needs (Mac)

  • You first need to update your handset to iOS 7.0.6 firmware version, download from here.
  • Download the already changed version of evasi0n7 jailbreak tool to jailbreak iOS 7.0.6 running device.
  • You must have to update your iTunes, and plug-in iPhone or iPad with a Mac OS running machine.

How to Jailbreak any iPhone and iPad on iOS 7.0.6

Step 1: Download the altered version of evasi0n7 v1.0.6 from the download link which I have given above.
Step 2: Make sure you have already created the backup of your personal documents and data, and update your iPhone or iPad to latest iOS 7.0.6. If you are already jailbroken the device owner then you have to first restore it to iOS 7.0.6 to follow this procedure.


Step 3: Launch evasi0n7 v1.0.6 and plug-in your iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch.
Step 4: You are just one click away to Jailbreak device, just click on Jail-Break button.
Step 5: Follow the on-screen instructions which is required by evasi0n7 tool, like unlock device and press evasi0n7 app icon.

That’s it you have successfully jailbroken your device, enjoy.