How to get Google Play Music app on iPhone, iPad


Presently, Google is the one to rule both the biggest section – Mobile market (basically Android) and Web. Though, its satisfied with that and that is the cause, Google makes its way towards the iOS market.


This Q2, the Google announced its own Music app for the Android devices and the Web with all access. As Google guaranteed that an official Music application for iPhone  and other iOS devices will be coming soon. From that day, the iOS owners are sitting tight to explore the Google Play Music app on iPhone. Now, the wait is over; finally, Google Play Music app finally lands to the iPhone. This means that the Google’s nest aim is to capture iPhone market as well – earlier before, Apple map on iPad, iPhone or other iOS devices are already replaced by the Google maps.

Google Play Music app is quite decent by look and its users interface is also quite commendable, this looks pretty similar like an explorer which you can find in Radio Music and Spotify apps. The tab includes both automatic and manual list of music created by the users. But unfortunately the search giant fails to offer “I feel Lucky” radio station which automatically creates you playlist based on your song preferences. However the team is trying hard to put this feature also to this app to make it more popular among iOS users.

Get the new experience of listening music on iOS running devices by installing this latest Music app from Google. Do not forget to share your points regarding this the new Google Play Music app, Which feature you like the most? Do you really like it or not?

To get Google Play Music app on iPhone click on the link given below to redirect directly on the iTunes download page to get this app.

iTunes offical link for Google Play Music app