How to Add maps to Mapsend


Actually Mapsend is an software used for mapping the older Magellan handheld GPS units. Some GPS units have virtually unlimited storage space using memory cards, where as other have very limited amount of internal memory. It’s simple you need to upload the map to Global. Once you have upload the map to GPS device, By using  Mapsend software you can able to view the map on GPS unit screen as you travel. This article gives yo full information How to add maps to Mapsend. Follow the below steps to Add maps to Mapsend.

  • Initially you need to plug the GPS into the Data port of your Personal computer using the cable came with in the device, The cable depends up on the device as USB or 9 pin serial cable and more.
  • Now you need to open the Mapsend software from the programs of your PC.
  • Click on the regions and menu at top of the screen and select new, The pointer have to change to selection Tool.
  • You select the area of the map which need to add to your GPS device, suppose if you select the wrong area, To deselect it press ESC button.
  • Click Regions and and select cut, Don’t forgot to name the map because if you name it which makes to find easy.
  • Check the box next to the new map region in the Saved Regions List.
  • Click the “Regions” menu and select “Upload to GPS.