How to add LG inspired Knock gesture in iPhone


LG Inspired Knock Gesture is becoming very popular among the Jailbroken iPhone or iPad, first we have seen a Cydia tweak called KnockOn inspired SmartTap Tweak by Elias Limneos and now we get to see the Knock. A simple activator, that adds two new gestures to your jailbreakon iPad or iPhone, you can Knock the back of the iPhone for particular action and Knock the Side of the iPhone for another one. Device accelerometer sensor detects the Knock gesture and runs the actions accordingly by the looks of it, a lot of work has been done into this development to prevent anything wrong.

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So scroll down right to the middle to get the tutorial how to add LG inspired Knock gesture in iPhone using the latest Cydia tweak. If you already have jailbroken your device then it is fine otherwise follow the link given below for Jailbreak tutorial.

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You can add only two gestures and since it is the first version of this tweak, I am not going to say anything about the Bugs, because there isn’t even a single as users reviewed after installing it on their device.. However, you can change the sensitivity later after getting it from the settings menu and also the amount of gestures can be increased too. Without delaying one more second, let’s see how we can install and activate this outstanding Cydia app on your iPhone.

How to add LG inspired Knock gesture in iPhone

Download Knock

  • From your device open Cydia, you will find this under App menu.
  • Now tap Search at the bottom.
  • Now search Cydia for the “Knock
  • Purchase the app with using your favorite transaction method and wait for the install button to appear.
  • Tap Install at the top right corner.
  • Now after installation of the app do restart your iPhone or iPad.

How to use knock

  • Again open Settings.
  • Go to the Activator > Scroll down anywhere and you will see Knock/Hard Tap.
  • Suggest the Gesture for the first Action.
  • Suggest the Action for the Next gesture.
  • Once done, double click the side to see what is happening and also try the back one too.
  • Make sure to Enjoy!

That’s it! You have successfully install knock, do not forget to share your views after getting it. As I told there is bug with this app so I hope you will comment something positive about this. Go to our “Cydia Apps” category to explore more Cydia tweaks.