How install Cisco PIX


What is Cisco PIX? The Cisco PIX is a private Internet exchange Firewall, It can be also used as a network address translation device which helps to protect the Home or office network against unauthorized  access from the hackers and malicious software.

You need to connect the this PIX firewall hardware to existing internet modem, switch or hub.Then connect your computer and other network devices with the supplied color-coded Ethernet cables. The PIX is “plug and play” firewall hardware that starts protecting your network as soon as you connect and power up the device. This article gives ou clear information regarding how to install Cisco PIX. Follow the below steps to install Cisco PIX.

  • Initially you need to unplug the Ethernet cables which are connected to the computer, printer and other computer devices like Ethernet modem, router,switch or Hub.
  • Place this PIX device on the flat surface, and insert the one end supplied orange Ethernet cable to the port labeled ‘O’ on the rear panel of the PIX device.
  • Connect the other side to the modem or router, Mostly in home they will use modem or router to connect to the internet.
  • Large networks some time connect to hub or switch, in this case yellow Ethernet cable is connect to the Port labeled ‘O’ port on the PIX.
  • Now you have to insert the Ethernet cables to the computer and Network devices in to four ports of the PIX on The rear panel.
  • Now plug the power cable in the power socket on the rear panel of the PIX device, Connect the Ac power connector to the electrical outlet. The hardware start powers up and protect your network when you switch on the Device.