How has technology improved the online gambling industry?

By | March 4, 2019

It’s no real surprise to know that the global gaming market is worth an eye-watering amount, $137.9 billion to be precise. But you may not have believed that the mobile gaming industry accounts for more than half of that figure ($70.3 billion) and furthermore, mobile gaming apps account for over three-quarters of all app revenue. Startling stuff.

But mobile gaming and in particular, the online casino industry has grown at such a pace, to meet the demand of today’s society’s needs and wants. The advances in technology mean that the industry will only go from strength to strength, with virtual-reality, augmented reality and skill-based casino games (through video gambling machines) all thought to be at the forefront of the industry moving forward.


The first online casino was launched in 1996 at InterCasino, which offered just 18 games. Fast forward three years and there were 700 online casinos. Fast forward to today and there are thousands of online casinos, offering hundreds of games. During this time, not only have the number of games increased, but the software involved has improved, as have the graphics – but the industry has had to adapt from the rise of the internet to the rise of millennials.

Social functions have also encouraged users, with rooms where players can chat, or challenge each other. Furthermore, live streaming brings an element of excitement to gaming – whether that be through live casino (where players can see the dealer and roulette wheel), or through gambling in sports such as football or horse racing (where feeds allow you to see the match or race in question).

Mobile & Tablet

The advent of smartphones and other electronic devices has not only made gaming and gambling a convenient and portable experience, but also one that is accessible to anyone. You don’t even need to leave your house to experience the latest roulette game, like this one: The advances in 3G, 4G and even talks of 5G mean that the experience is a seamless one. Not only are many websites now mobile and tablet-optimised, but many of the big-name gambling companies have app alternatives, which can be downloaded instead of visiting their websites. Again, these are compatible to the device you are using.

According to Optimove, mobile players are more likely to spend more money than desktop players, with the likelihood due to the ease in which payments can be made and the fact that so many of us can’t be without our mobiles. If they are on our person at all times, the temptation is there.


There was a time where people were wary of the internet and submitting details, due to the lack of security on their connection and of course, the possibility of hackers. There is less worry in the modern day with technology in place that provides much better security. Some examples include high levels of encryption to ensure personal details and passwords are safe; regulatory bodies who ensure online casinos are fair and secure; and the use of anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewalls.