HMD Global sends out invites for October 19th launch


HMD Global has scheduled a new launch event in China. The launch event is held on October 19th in China where the company is expected to unveil a new smartphone. There could be a number of possibilities and we are not able to assume what could be announced in this event by HMD Global as there is no any confirmation regarding it. 

Some people are expecting a Nokia 8 variants in the Chinese market while the other people are expecting a brand new Nokia smartphone. If we talk about the past, two new Nokia smartphones were certified with model numbers TA-1041 and TA-1042 in China. This makes it clear that the company might introduce a couple of new smartphones in the upcoming event.

If we go through the reports from top notch technology blogs, all of them are talking about the new Nokia 7 smartphone to be introduced by HMD Global on October 19th in China.

Nokia’s TMall page features a GIF of a new device which features Bothie mode and OZO audio enhancement. This can be an upgraded edition to the Nokia 8 smartphone or a complete new Nokia 7 smartphone. There is no any further word of confirmation added to the GIF on the page. The page features ‘qi’ on the device which is also says number seven in Chinese. So people are getting exciting about the new smartphone and that could be the new Nokia 7 smartphone.

The Nokia 7 is rumoured to be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 Chipset and it would feature QI Wireless Technology. The poster also says the new Nokia phone is coming, which makes it clear that there would be a whole new smartphone introduce by the giant, HMD Global in this event on October 19th. The phone would be available in a number of different color options to choose from just like the Nokia 8 smartphone. So we can choose the right variant as per our choice.

If we talk about the rumors and leaks of the Nokia 7 smartphone, the phone is expected to come in three different variants with different RAM and Storage memory. Nokia 7 would be available with 3GB RAM and 32GB Storage memory, another variant with 4GB RAM and 32GB Storage memory, and the last variant with 4GB RAM and 64GB of internal storage which would be a high end variant of the phone. The phone would feature a dual rear camera designed by Carl-Zeiss. The phone would carry almost the same feature like the Nokia 8 smartphone.

All the variants of the Nokia 7 smartphone would be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 SoC. The phone would support OZO Audio technology for rich sound effects. The Nokia 7 would also feature Boothie dual-sight feature just like Nokia 8. Since there is no any confirmation regarding the new phone, we can’t expect anything as of this current time. Well, the official launch event is just a couple of days away, so we can wait for at lease two more days to witness the new Nokia smartphones from HMD Global.

Apart from this, the company may introduce a whole new Nokia 8 variant. HMD Global is also expected to launch the premium edition of the Nokia 8 smartphone with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB of Storage memory. The same model was recently launched in Finland and gradually available in various countries.

Furthermore, HMD Global is currently testing out the new Android 8.0 Oreo update for the Nokia 8 smartphone. So, people who have bought Nokia 8 smartphone would soon receive an official Android 8.0 Oreo update in the coming days. Hopefully, HMD Global may announce the new OS update for Nokia 8 smartphone in a few days.

Let’s wait for a couple of more days and we would get to see the all new Nokia smartphones in the technology market.