Hidden Features in iOS 8 that Apple didn’t tell you about at WWDC!

By | June 5, 2014
Apple iOS 8

While much of the Apple community is still buzzing with the exciting features in iOS 8 showcased at WWDC earlier this week, some of us got busy looking for the subtle but effective enhancements Apple usually packs in each of their major iOS releases, here’s what we found:

Location triggered Lock Screen Notifications

Apple has built elegant notifications right into the lock screen. Walk towards your nearest Dominos or Starbucks for instance and a tiny Dominos/Starbucks icon appears on the lock screen, pull up and you’re in the app ready to make a purchase!


More Camera Enhancements

While a lot of the enhancements were showcased at WWDC, one they didn’t talk about was the ability to manually set exposure just before taking a photo on your iPhone. Just frame and focus as you normally would, and you will see a small slider waiting for you to adjust the exposure if you wish to.

A Self timer on the camera app where you can either choose 3 seconds or 10 seconds.

A ‘Richer’ Notepad

Most of us don’t use the Notes app on our phones, but  Apple still felt it’s worthwhile to add the ability to add images to your notes.

Smart and Safe Safari

Those who are ultra sensitive about what Google or Bing will do with their search data, now have the option of setting the highly secure search engine https://duckduckgo.com as their preferred search provider for Safari.

Fed up of dealing with cluttered “mobile friendly” websites? Just pull down on the favourites screen and you can request the desktop version of the website you’re on.

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 8.05.39 pm

New Greyscale mode

Apple have added a new greyscale mode under accessibility settings which turns the entire UI into greyscale. Should come in handy when you need to save some battery before you get home or to use the phone in low light without hurting your eyes too much.

Auto Delete Messages

We can now tell our iPhones to auto delete messages after a certain period of time instead of manually cleaning old messages. We can either choose 30 Days or 1 Year as the duration, or leave it on forever if you’d rather have them on your phone till you delete them yourself.

Which features did you like the most? Have you seen a hidden feature we didn’t cover here? Let us know in the comments section below!

Author: Vinay Kare Vijayakumar

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