Here’s the all new Instagram Holiday Season update


Instagram, world’s most popular photo sharing cum social networking platform, gets a new update for the Holiday Season which is approaching. The giant is known for the unbeatable services to allow its users share their best and current moments with friends and other people around the world. The giant also allows you to upload a short video. The new update brings a variety of new features to the app. 

If you are using Instagram on a regular basis, you will definitely impress with this new update as it brings a bunch of new filters especially for the upcoming Christmas. The app has been updated with a number of new tools to make your normal moments, special ones. The tools are very creative and you will be impressed with the overall user interface of all the tools which are added to the platform with the all new update.

Instagram has pushed new superzoom tool, face filters, stickers, color filters tool with this new update. Once you update the Instagram app, you will get to know how you can make use of these filters as the options will be right there once you select any of these new tools from the app. Let’s see what’s inside these new tools introduced by the giant.

Superzoom Effects

Superzoom tool is there to record a video with more closer look. If you have been using the Superzoom feature on your Instagram, you can try out this new Zoom and Sound effects on your Instagram app. There will be options like “Bounce,” “Beats,” or “TV Show.”

Superzoom tool is placed in the record option. Just select the Record button and you will see Superzoom option below the Record button. The video you shoot will use this tool.

Face Filters

In order to celebrate this Holiday season, the new Instagram update brings three new Face Filters. New Face Filters will bring new balloon burst effects or snow effects to your face while capturing a photo of your face. The new feature is quite impressive and gets you the best effects.

In order to make use of the new Face Filters on your Instagram app, all you need to do is just swipe right to open the camera of your device. Once the Camera app launched, select Face icon in the bottom of the right corner. You will be provided with more options to makeover your face photo.


This is the much needed tool for all the Instagram users to celebrate this new Holiday season. Stickers are very useful to let people know about the actual moment. You can create a complete fun photo using this app or can use it for different purpose. In the Stickers section, you will see different types of Seasonal stickers which updates regularly and you will get regular updates on the Stickers.

There will be a lot of new emojis based on the Christmas season or Holiday season or Winter season available within the Stickers section on the Instagram app.

Color Filters

If we talk about the color filters, this tool is there as a creative side. A new set of color filters can be seen in the Camera app of the Instagram. Just open the Camera app and you will see the new filters with different color options. You can change the color combination as per your requirements. You can swipe left or right to find the best color filter of your photograph. You can hit the Next button to add the moment to your Instagram Story or to share it with your friends as per your needs.

Fortunately, the new Instagram update is available for Android on Play Store and for iOS on App Store for both the platforms, Android and iOS.

If you love using Instagram, go ahead and install this app to your devices and let us know how these new filters are working. We would be glad to know from you about the overall UI of the new updated Instagram app. For more such useful updates, stay tuned with us!