GRE Vocab Lock App on Google play store Helps to Study


Now smartphone became very essential in our daily life, One can unlock their smartphone at least for minimum 100 to 150 times. As every thing available in that through applications which includes Banking apps, route maps, social networking apps, Ticket booking apps, games and more. The  Study material applications are also exists which include every thing like C programming, SQL server, Unix and more study material available.

Recently in Android GRE vocab Lock app is available on Google play store which helps to study for the Big test. Many of us having a dream to study Master in Sciences in foreign counties, The candidate who is interested to do MS definitely he should under go a test GRE which includes mathematical aptitude as well as English. This app GRE Vocab Lock will help the candidate. Here is an app that gets the way people use their phones, and helps you to expanding your vocabulary in a good way.

GRE Vocab Lock

How to use

  • UNLOCK your phone- Answer a Vocab question – Learn a New English word
  • First you need to do is download this app from Google play store and installed in our smart phone which forms an Icon on your device.
  • how to play : unlock your phone and drag Vocab word it to the synonym, If the word is right it shows green or else it shows red one which means wrong.
  • Our proprietary algorithms will repeat the Vocab word until the user will understand
  • If you don’t know the exact definition of the word, you drag it to see the meaning of that word it is so simple its hurt.

we hope the new way of study by using GRE Vocab lock for GRE, SAT. Every time if you unlock your smartphone you will definitely learn a word from this app. Unfortunately their is an word limit, we can get 20 words per day. If you upgrade this app we will get up to 50 words which will cost around $1.

Click here to Install GRE Vocab Lock app