Google’s new Daydream View VR headset is now available for $99


Google’s new Daydream View VR headset is now officially available in the market to purchase for $99. The new Daydream VR is recently announced along with the new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones by Google. The new Daydream View VR is available through company’s official website in the United States. 

We have heard a lot about the new Google Daydream View VR in the past. We had reported on the production of the new Daydream View VR especially for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 smartphones as the Note 8 carries huge screen which is not compatible on the original Daydream View VR. Other giants such as Samsung and LG has also offered the Daydream View VR compatibility to their high end smartphones.

The new generation Google Daydream View VR is quite different from the previous edition of it in terms of its design and compatibility for the newly released high end smartphones. The new Google Daydream View VR is more comfortable to wear as it is designed with new material which offer more comfort time wearing it on your head if we compare it to the previous edition.

Furthermore, the design is more suitable for almost all types of Android smartphones. You can easily setup your phone just by sliding on the device for easy going with your entertainment. You can even share your Daydream experiences to your friends as it is also compatible to work with the Chromecast. You can easily share what you see through Chromecast on big Television screen so others can rejoice the real entertainment which you are having within the new Daydream View VR Headset. Apart from this, there is a special remote control available along with the device to take control of a variety of tasks remotely without touching the phone or the Daydream View headset.

For more stability on your head, the new Daydream has new strap which will fits well on your head. Apart from this, Google has also improved the lenses on the Daydream View as it offers rich user interface for all the high end smartphones which were recently launched in the market. These new lenses offers more wide view to experience the best of virtual reality experience. Additionally, there is new heat sink feature also available with this new Daydream which keeps your mobile phone cool.

If you have waited enough to buy this new Google Daydream View VR headset, the right has come and you can finally order one now from the official Google store in the United States which is priced at $99. The new Daydream View VR is currently available in three different color options including Fog, Charcoal, and Coral. As a promotional offer, people who order the device will be able to get five VR titles worth $40. Titles such as Eclipse: Edge of Light, Wands, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Lola and the Giant, and Virtual Rabbids will be available as gifts.

Apart from all the color options, the Coral variant of the Daydream View VR Headset will be shipped right away from the store, the other two variants will take upto 2-3 weeks time period for the shipments. The For variant will take 15 days of time while the Charcoal variant will be released on October 29th.