Google unveils a new OnHub router with Wave Control



This summer, Google launched its OnHub router, which was pretty expensive and was made by TP-Link to solve the networking problem of your home. Now, Google is ready with a new OnHub router, which is made by ASUS and comes with even more expensive price tag than the original one.

This new ASUS OnHub router form the Alphabet Company is a tall cylindrical device, which can be placed in open also. The design of the new OnHub device is similar to the old one, except its base is wider than the previous one and the ring like LED is also situated at the bottom instead of top.

The most important new feature is Wave Control, which allow you to increase the speed of a specific connected device to the network by waving your hand over the top of OnHub. Currently, there is no clear indication on how router prioritizes the connected device. The OnHub control app let you prioritize any particular device for a specific time.

Google has also announced a software update to the original OnHub router. This update comes with a new smart antenna algorithm, which will select the best combination of antennas to maximize the signal strength. This update will automatically get downloaded and installed.

This ASUS OnHub also comes with one LAN and USB 3.0 port. This device supports 802.11ac Wi-Fi and 5GHz networks and it can be controlled entirely by Google On app. The preorder for this new ASUS OnHub router starts today. The device is pretty expensive as it comes at the price of $219.99.

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