Google’s Android Icon Going for a Makeover : Report


According to some of the rumors that the Google’s Android Icon Going for a Makeover. The Google  will be changing the style of its launcher icons for Android apps to more resemble those of its web properties.

Google’s Android Icon Going for a Makeover

This new style,  has internally referred to as “Moonshine”  which would to see the  Android icons with a flatter appearance, with long, hard shadows behind prominent elements, reminiscent of what can be seen in Google’s existing visual asset guidelines. The icons for Play Music, Books, Movies, and Games, alongside Google+, Calendar, People, Chrome, YouTube, Maps, Gmail, Hangouts, Camera, and the Play Store would be updated according to the report and become more realistic and easy to understand for the user.

google icon designed

To more easily visualize the change, let’s look at the icons above that have corresponding web icons compared to their current web and Android counterparts. The current Android icons do all not perfectly match the suggestions laid forth in the Android’s guidelines. Whether these new  Google icons’ are final forms is impossible to say at the moment, but it would be interesting to see a flatter aesthetic take hold, more simplified with a detailed nature of Google’s current web icons.

The report does not specify that the Google’s Android Icon Going for a Makeover would completed and when the tech giant would be realize the latest icons for its Android platform and for its web users. But the Google is currently working on this project to update the ions as soon as possible.