Google updates Assistant with a load of new features


Google Assistant gets a new update with a load of new features making the assistant service more user friendly and compatible with other devices. Since Google is trying to expand its Google Assistant service to non-Google devices, the new Assistant update comes with developers compatibility. Developers will be able to test out new apps through Google Assistant to work them on different types of Android smartphones. 

Google has a couple of rivals including Amazon’s Alexa Assistant and Samsung’s Bixby Assistant. Both the Assistants have a set of unique features which is why the number of users of them are also increasing. With this keep in mind, Google is expanding the Assistant to non-Google devices and to other third party apps. For the very same reason, developers now able to develop new apps compatible with the Google Assistant.

The new Google Assistant update brings support for new languages, new push notifications including daily updates. So there will be a lot of new things to be explored within the Assistant itself.

One of the most exciting and useful features on this new update is its API which lets user give command to Google Home Speaker and end it on the Phone. This new speaker to phone transfer feature is something which most of the users have been waiting for. You can order anything by commanding on the Home Speaker and you will receive a receipt of that order to your phone’s screen.

The Assistant not supports Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Indian English languages so more people can make use of this Google Assistant service. Apart from all these new features, the new update brings Explicit Discovery option which lets you find out the things using the Assistant.

According to reports, the new Google Assistant’s discovery feature brings more natural voice commanding so it will hear the right voice without any miscommunication. The third party integration will itself work with the Google Assistant with more user friendly UI. You can simply ask the Assistant with Ok Google_ your command and the Assistant will make sure to launch the right app installed on your device.

There will be a couple of new categories to search for the right apps for your commands. The Assistant will now feature What’s new? and What’s trending categories to search for the right things using your voice command. Interestingly, you will be able to explore more with the subcategories of these main categories. So there will be more exciting features available with this update to your Android device.

If we talk about the Push Notifications feature, the app will send regular updates on various things on the phone, so that users can get to know about everything. The support for new languages will be more helpful for those who don’t know how to speak English language to give the Assistant Commands. Google will add more languages to the Assistant in the near future.

Apart from all this, the giant has recently released its new Pixel devices, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL in the technology market. Along with this, we have a couple of Google Home speakers with different features and of course the all new Google Pixel Buds, wireless Bluetooth headphones. All the devices will be compatible to work with Google Assistant. You can connect all of them together and it will respond properly with the given command.

Google has recently started shipping the much awaited Pixel Buds to the people who have ordered it initially. You will also be able to purchase this new Pixel Buds, however it will take 5 to 6 weeks of time to get delivered at your doorstep. The giant has also updated the Google Maps with new Location Discovery feature and more icons to help you choose the right things while travelling.