Google to display public information from Facebook app



Google and Facebook has partnered for making Google Search results even better. According to this agreement, Facebook gave permission to crawl social media’s information from Facebook app and show those results in Google Search. This means that you are going to spend more time on Facebook’s app.

This means that whenever you’ll perform Google search for any person on Android, iOS and Windows smartphone, you’ll get content from the Facebook app including public information. When you click on the shown links, you’ll be taken to the corresponding page in Facebook app. This is good for Google, as it shows some very useful results and also leads users to where they want to go.

This collaboration will certainly benefit Google, as currently Facebook is one of the most popular apps, where people spent most of their time on smartphones. Google has been most popular search option for mobile users, but before today the company was unable to index Facebook information, where people spend most of their times.

According to this agreement, Google can only access public information from Facebook app, it won’t be able to access private information of users for displaying on its search results. This partnership is also a good thing for Facebook, as whenever users get the Facebook info on its search results, there is a strong chance that they’ll click on the link and go to Facebook page and stay there.