Google is testing Rounded Search Bar on the mobile site


Google always amazes us with new innovations in their services. Today, we found the giant testing out a new Rounded Search Bar on their mobile site. Yes, Google is now testing out a new Search Bar feature which would be presented to you with round corners for their mobile sites. 

As reported by AndroidPolice, the giant found testing the new Rounded Search Bar on their mobile platform using the Google Chrome and the Google app for searching out things using the Search giant. It looks pretty cool and you would definitely going to love how this new rounded search bar will look like once available for public usage.

Google is always experimenting with something new to explore for their millions of users around the globe and they are now changing the way how the search results for their mobile sites works. The new rounded search bar on the device looks absolutely adorable and will offer more accurate results with separate rounded results.

The same Rounded Search Bar can be found by the Pixel Phone users through their Pixel Launcher on their devices. The giant is now preparing for the same results for all the devices. Basically they are testing out their new features on server-side and they would soon come up with the official release of this new feature.

Additionally, with Rounded Search Bar, the company is also adding a couple of new features to the search results for the mobile phone users. One would be impressed with a stunning new colorful G logo at the left side. The Search icon which was previously covered in blue color will not have a simple icon with no color.

Apart from this, the categories underneath the Search bar are now no longer in boxed format. They are now independent and there are no any block available besides the categories which looks good indeed. The test site of this new Rounded Search Bar to Google’s mobile site was found in Sweden. The testers have tried to find out the same but they seem to be unable to figure out this new feature as of now.

The same Rounded Search Bar results is live on Pixel Launcher and we could pretty much expect the same design on the upcoming Android P operating system by the giant, Google. So yes, the new Rounded Search Bar results in the Google’s mobile site will soon be released officially for the public before the rollout of the new Android operating system.

Apart from this, the giant has recently released the first Android P Developer Preview 1 for the Pixel phone users. The new Android P is packed with a bunch of innovative features. Google to release total five Developer Previews for their upcoming Android P Operating System. So the company will be introduced a lot of such new functionality for the Android users through this Android P. We would let you update with more of such information in the coming days.