Google Street View, a New Mapping Service Update in Store


After 8 years, Google has come with a breakthrough by getting an update on the street view. The cameras for this mapping services have been updated and the implications of this are a tab bit terrifying. This new update will enable the user to see more of the Street and the Street would be knowing more about the user.

According to the reports, the cameras have been updated to a better version to capture HD images, and let them know about the details of the place and opening and closing just by a particular sign.

Google’s mapping vice-president, Jen Fitzpatrick, told that people are asking unconventional queries and this update would bring about a change in answering it. Artificial intelligence and machine learning technology are being developed with a lot of investment to be able to answer the customer queries in a conversational mode.

Beyond this, Google can even extract data about the incomes, races and voting patterns of the people with the help of this new update. The demographic statistics, socioeconomic attributes and the political preferences of the residents would be known to the team at a wider range. On being questioned about this, the spokesperson replied that it was only to improve the company’s platform by using the Street View at a wider range.