Google Store starts shipping the new Google Pixel Buds


Google has recently announced its new Pixel series smartphones in the technology market with Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL. Along with this, the giant has also introduced Bluetooth enabled Google Pixel Buds to compete against other wireless headsets. After receiving good number of pre-orders, Google has started shipping the new Google Pixel Buds. 

Google has removed the Headphone Jack from the new Pixel devices and for that reason, they have introduced the wireless Google Pixel Buds to support the device. Just like Apple’s new AirPods, Google has introduced this new stunning Pixel Buds with powerful features inside.

Nowadays, many giants are introducing their latest technology devices and equipments for the advanced users. Google has got a bunch of new devices from the recent event including new Pixel phones, Smart Speakers and much more. These new Google Pixel Buds are making their way to the real digital world for the Pixel users.

Google has not placed even USB-C ports to connect the headphones on the device. As per the reports, the users of Pixel 2 devices may not have heard music till date as there is no any connection port available on the device. Many people have been waiting for the new Pixel Buds from Google to test it out and to get a hands-on of it. Well, Google’s new Pixel Buds are now officially shipping to the customers and you can now start getting hands-on of it.

People who have ordered the new Google Pixel Buds earphones, here’s a good news for you all. Google has started shipping the new Google Pixel Buds to the customers who have ordered it initially. The Screenshot reveals that the Pixel Buds are coming to your doorstep in the middle of this week.

Google has designed this new generation wireless bluetooth Pixel Buds with advanced technology. The Pixel Buds eight earbud features a touch sensitive button which brings Google translate. This feature works only for Pixel devices. The Pixel Buds can be used on any other devices by connecting with Bluetooth.

Pixel Buds are the very first entry from Google into the Wireless technology in terms of music. People are eagerly waiting for this new Pixel Buds to try out in real life. As per the reports, people who have ordered Pixel Buds before October 4, they are likely to get the Pixel Buds shipped to their doorstep on November 16th or 17th.

You can check out the official Google Store page to see the live stocks of the Google Pixel Buds. The new Google Pixel Buds are currently available in two different color options,¬†Black and Clearly White. These two variants of the Pixel Buds are available in stock on official Google Store’s page.

People who have got the email of Shipping this Google Pixel Buds are feeling happy. Many of them have shared a Screenshot regarding this shipping information. Take a look on to the Screenshot now!

You can too order this new Pixel Buds from the Google Store which is priced at $159 for any variant you choose. The expected delivery for the new Pixel Buds is five to six weeks from the date or order. There is one more color variant for the Pixel Buds are available with stunning Blue color. However, this Blue color variant is out of stock and it is not available in the market.

Since, Google’s Pixel Buds are studded with latest technology such as real time Google Translation and a few other interesting features, this would be the most popular wireless headphones for the next generation people. The Google Translate in Google Pixel Buds feature 40 types of languages, so you can set the translation feature as per your desires.

Apart from this, one more interesting feature in the Google Pixel Buds is its Google Assistant. Yes, you can engage with the real Google Assistant from your Google Pixel Buds to interact with it. Just connect your device and start asking Google Assistant your queries and questions. You will get instant answers to all your queries just like a smartphone or Google Home.