Google Releases 6 New Games for Go VR

By | December 10, 2016

Google already has its Daydream VR out in the market and now they have released 6 games along with HBO Now for it, some of which are really impressive. We are going to talk about HBO Now in later posts, but here in this post, we are going provide you a brief review of all these new Daydream VR games which will give a good idea about which games among the 6 you should get right now and which to avoid.

Layers of Fear

Environment games look totally realistic in Daydream VR and Layers of Fear is a similar horror game where the player needs to find out the hidden objects in the room. In order to play the game, you need to make use of visual controls to move around, interact with objects like opening drawers and door, which will provide you different clues to move on in the game. The game is priced at $10 on Play Store, which we personally think is too much to for a VR game. However, if you like puzzle games or horror movies, and money is not a blocker for you, Layers of Fear is a must have game for Daydream VR.

GunJack 2: End of Shift

GunJack 2: End of Shift is another good game that you can download for Daydream VR. It is actually a sequel to the “Gunjack” game which is available for other VR devices like Gear VR. However, the new Gunjack 2 is way better than its predecessor and offers better controls as well as graphics. All the user needs to do is to aim at the enemy spaceships to take them down. Gunjack: End of Shift has a storyline as well which was absent in the original Gunjack game and one can get it for $12.99 from the App market.

Need for Speed VR

We already expected NFS VR to release this month and it is out now along with other Daydream VR games. NFS Speed VR is a simple racing game, however, the player needs to drive the car from inside and thus can have a good look around to find rivals, police and other traffic in the mirrors. The game will make you feel like you are really sitting in the racing car. Also, the car is controlled via motion sensors and in case you wish to get it for Daydream VR, it will cost you $20.

Underworld Overload

Underworld Overload is a very simple game resembling “Tower Defense”. The game is all about protecting your towers by defending them with the help of the monsters. The player just needs to look at any tower or monster to command them to fight against the invaders via Daydream remote. However, the game looks like a demo version and lacks proper finishing. It is not as impressive as other games released by Google recently for Daydream, still, you will have to pay $7.99 for getting it for your Daydream headset.

LEGO BrickHeadz

LEGO BrickHeads is the one for the kids. It is a puzzle game and as the name suggests, it allows the player to toy around with Legos. There are a set instructions of that the player needs to follow in order to build a LEGO character. This is the only free game among the five and if you loved playing with Legos in your childhood, it is worth giving a shot.


Wands is the last of the 6 games which has been launched for Daydream VR by Google. Wands was already available for other VR headsets and now you can get it for Daydream VR as well. Wands allows you to turn into a wizard and fight battles with other players one-on-one. All you need to do is learn some spells and then find another player for combat. However, right now it is hard to find other “Wands” players to fight because they are still growing the player database. However, still, you will have to pay $5.99 in order to play it on your Daydream VR.