Google to rebrand the Android Wear with Wear OS


It seems like the giant, Google is rebranding their Android Wear with the new name “Wear OS”. Yes, the company is rebranding the Android Wear with the new Wear OS. According to a reddit user, while updating the Android Wear, a notification hit with the new Wear OS name. He has even shared a Screenshot regarding the update. Surprisingly, the update also features a new icon for the Wear OS as well. 

The new icon comes with Google’s own colorful styling with W logo. You can see the rebranded logo of Wear OS in the listed image. Since people are getting familiar with Wearables, Android Wear becomes more popular operating system in the wearables category. Now, the company is aiming towards changing the name of the OS with Wear OS as all the new reports confirmed the same news.

If we talk about the icon, it looks much like the Google Assistant’s logo. We assume that the new update of Android Wear will bring the support for Google Assistant on all the Smartwatches running on Android Wear operating system.

The notification which the reddit user has received was originally sent by Google Play Services from the functionality called “helps you find and interact with services and devices close to you.”

This function alerts the Android Wear users about a nearby Android Wear device to pair up with it to your current Android Wear device. If we talk about the new Android Operating System, Google has recently rolled out the new Android P Developer Preview 1 update for the Pixel users. The new Android P update shows off the Wear OS but with the same old icon. So it still makes people confused about the availability of rebranding the Android Wear to Wear OS.

Since Google is designing their new Android operating system for the high-end and most advanced smartphones users, the company takes care of every single thing and that is the reason why they are now changing everything. The company has also changed the Google Pay with Android Pay, the company’s own digital payment service with a brand new name and new functionality. The same thing is going to happen with the Android Wear.

For now, the new Wear OS name makes sense as most of the Android Wear smartwatches are compatible with iOS devices with Watch OS wearables. This will clear the confusion about the Wearables in the users and they will be easily paired up with cross platform smartwatches to share different things together.

Since there is no any official confirmation about this rebranding available with us, we are unable to confirm the same. However, the company will soon come up with an official statement regarding the same and we would update you with that.